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Alteryx Designer can help you access, prepare and blend data from multiple
sources and automate your analysis.

By Amrika Ramjewan

Alteryx: The easy button for data analysis

Engineers often need to leverage data from multiple sources in various formats, structures and sizes to help make business decisions.

Whether that information is stored in the cloud, an on-site data warehouse or on a desktop in Excel, pulling it all together to derive the insights needed to make the right decisions can be tough.

Relying on traditional spreadsheets to combine the data and perform complex analysis is time-consuming and inefficient, and often even more time is spent creating reports and packaging the results to get the insights into the right hands.

Alteryx Inc. has realized the value of simplifying this process with Alteryx Designer – a platform for self-service data analytics that helps users access, prepare and blend their data from multiple sources using a visual and intuitive drag-and-drop, front-end interface. Designed to take the struggle out of data preparation, analysis and presentation, Alteryx Designer requires no coding and features simple, repeatable workflows that allow users to automate their analysis.

For users who want greater flexibility, Alteryx offers a complementary product, Alteryx Server, which can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. Alteryx Server offers scalable architecture to run workflows, along with tools for centralized administration, security and sharing with other analysts within your organization.

Data can be imported from virtually any source, including data warehouses and databases, ERP and cloud based applications, Hadoop data stores, NoSQL databases, flat files such as Microsoft Excel, spatial files, social media data, third-party data and legacy analytics platforms. Next, the data can be brought into a workflow, cleaned and made ready for analysis using various built-in options such as filter, sort, sample, join and transform.

Alteryx Designer then can be used to perform various tasks, including predictive, statistical and geospatial analytics. Once the analysis is complete, the output can be pushed out to numerous popular formats for data visualization, including Tableau, QlikView and Microsoft Power BI, or published through analytic applications within your organization. The output can even be refreshed automatically using the optional desktop automation add-on. With the add-on, workflows can be scheduled to run as often as your data changes – giving you access to the latest insights whenever you need them.

Alteryx Designer can be used across a wide range of industries with applications that include identifying government spending trends, predicting customer behavior in retail, determining future inventory requirements in manufacturing, optimizing hospital revenue cycles, understanding stock performance and many others.

The benefits of Alteryx Designer are clear. By empowering users to complete the full range of analytic tasks in a single, repeatable workflow, Alteryx Designer eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional legacy approaches and tools, delivering deeper insights in a fraction of the time.

Amrika Ramjewan is a health systems engineer for the Department of Management Engineering and Internal Consulting at Mayo Clinic. She is a member of IISE's Young Professionals group and the winner of IISE's New Faces of Engineering for 2016.