Performance by Kevin McManus

Waiting for buy-in? Don’t   
Young IEs across industries have probably asked, what should you do if you’re having problems getting buy-in for continuous improvement efforts from top leaders? The answer is simple; don’t wait.

Paul Engle

Management by Paul Engle

Shot clock decision-making   
With the abundance of disruptions technology has imposed on many sectors, today’s successful organizations are encouraging managers to use shot clock decision making to stay ahead.


Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

Mentors get as much – or more – than they give   
Mentorship offers the opportunity for healthcare professionals to engage in a meaningful relationship that uses the experience of the "older" generations to make things better for the "younger" generations.


Innovation by Nabil Nasr

How the circular economy can become a reality  
Scientists, economists and engineers understand that a regenerative and self-reliant economy is needed for a sustainable future.We must shift the way we think about physical resources to make the circular economy a reality.


Membership forum by Jessica Yoo Perry

Mix modalities for professional education   
The debate rages about whether industrial and systems engineers should pursue an advanced degree or Six Sigma certification, but this choice is not a zero-sum game.