For work study, let’s go to the video

Although traditional time study tools have been used for more than 100 years, advances in digital recording technology offer numerous opportunities to improve its accuracy.  
By Adrienne J. Dickerson and Larry Aft 


Keys to stellar supply chain management

Over the years, global markets have evolved and changed the way supply chain management operates, and executives must embrace new ways of achieving competitive gain.  
By Diana Berry 


Production automation gets IEs off the shop floor

The ongoing technology revolution has allowed IEs to become more specialized over the years, and this has led to increases in innovation focused on continuous improvement.
By Thomas R. Cutler 


Bringing heavy metal quality to the new manufacturing

IIoT and additive manufacturing have been largely shaped by disruptive trends, but we need effective ways to ensure quality and consistency.   
By Vivek R. Dave, Nevan C. Hanumara and Mark J. Cola