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There was plenty of engagement on social media at this year's IISE Annual Conference and Expo, held May 20-23 in Pittsburgh. But the largest engagement by far was on the @iisenet Twitter feed, including questions directed at keynote speaker Sev McMurtry of FedEx (#AskSev). Take a look at some of the comments and photos shared, then go to Page 58 to see a list of honors and awards winners. 


Pitt GradEngineering @PittGradENGR
"#IISEAnnual @PittGradENGR & @Pittengineering welcome all @iisenet attendees to Pittsburgh – the city of steel and top ranked #gradprograms"

John Corliss @Sustainable_IE John Corliss @Sustainable_IE
"What a great group– Sustainable Development Division #IISEAnnual volunteer project – free consulting for Pittsburgh Food Bank" 

Cole Smith @j_cole_smith
"@ProfScottMason from @ClemsonIE and Russell Barton from PSU giving a talk on writing proposals ... and giving out a lot more advice! @iisenet"

Calvin Cassens @CalvinCassens
"20 yrs ago we didn't believe a pckg could be scanned/sorted in 1 sec. What don't we believe today; will be true in 20 yrs? #AskSev @iisenet"

tonyasmithjackson @tonyasmithjacks
"#AskSev What is the diversity and inclusion climate like at FedEx? Do you easily attract diverse engineers?"

IISE @iisenet
Replying to @tonyasmithjacks "Sev says It's a great environment. One of our core CI principles is teamwork = improvement."

Jeff Streitmatter IV @jeffDT52
"How will blockchain change the shipping industry and when and where is FedEx seeking to adopt? #askSev @ iisenet"
IISE @iisenet
Replying to @jeffDT52 "Sev says they are in the research phase and within data and tech it has potential applications."

Sean Genovese @SLOengineer
"Put away your smartphone and talk to people in sessions (unless you're live tweeting : ) – first time orientation advice. #iiseannual"

Junia Findlay @JuniaFindlay Junia Findlay @JuniaFindlay
"@IIE_YPs @iisenet #IISEAnnual Great networking session. Orgs that served us well in undergrad can be priceless in our professional careers"

SSIE Department @BUSSIEDept
"Excited for another #IISEAnnual @iisenet this year in Pittsburgh! #Proud2B #SSIE @binghamtonu #BingPride"

Amy Brown Greer @AmyBrownGreer
"Looking forward to discussing benefits of becoming a professional engineer at today's town hall meeting - room 406 2pm @iisenet"

Amanda Mewborn @amandame1101Amanda Mewborn @amandame1101
"Winning Jeopardy team at Lean Town Hall at #IISEAnnual @iisenet"

Muge Capan @mcapan_phd 
"Discussing emerging frontiers in industrial and systems engineering – growing research and practice! @iisenet #analytics #IISEAnnual2017"

Wiljeana Glover @WiljeanaGlover 
"Congrats 2 @FernandoAleu and our team 4 best @iisenet #sems paper #ContinuousImprovement #hospitals #IISEAnnual2017"

Michael Foss @MDFossMichael Foss @MDFoss
"Great having lunch and catching up with some of the IISE Past Presidents at #IISEAnnual #Honored #Leadership …"

James Hom @jameshom1
"@Aerojules mentions time & motion studies in #Lavacon talk. Industrial Engineers unite!#therbligs! #sixsigma! #kanban! #mypeeps @iisenet"

Sunderesh Heragu @sheragu
"@OkStateIEM alumni and students shine again in Pittsburgh at the @iisenet Annual conference!"

NC State ISE @NCStateISE NC State ISE @NCStateISE
"#NCStateISE student @pedrohuebner wins the @iisenet Doctoral Colloquium Poster Competition at #IISEAnnual2017 #NCStateEngr"

Michael Foss @MDFoss
"Enjoying a great night at the #IISEAnnual Honors & Awards Banquet. So many passionate Industrial and Systems Engineer winners! #Awesome"

Joan Wagner @jmw7777
"@SLOengineer Managers are Man Made things. You don't find them roaming free in nature. #IISEAnnual"

Hamed Rahimian @HamedR_HR
"Final moments #IISEAnnual2017 @iisenet Thanks to all sponsoring universities. Many thanks to @j_cole_smith for an amazing Colloquium"

Pitt GradEngineering @PittGradENGR
"This quote really hits it out of the park! Thank you 2017 #IISEAnnual @iisenet We are already ready to take our #gradprograms to Orlando!"


"Pitt IEs, past and present. Calling my professors by their first names and getting to sit at the big kid table? Still takes some getting used to! #IISEAnnual"

Daniel Rubinstein
FDA associate
Keller and Heckman LLP

"@IISEAnnual Was a great event this year. Happy to participate in an IAB Panel on the growth and development of Industrial and Systems Engineers."

Joan Wagner
Systems engineer
Spirit AeroSystems

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