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Pittsburgh welcomed annual cavalcade of honorees 

Every year, the premier gathering of industrial and systems engineering types offers numerous honors, awards and scholarships to mark how the profession is making a difference in the world.

This year's gala took place May 22 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, site of the IISE Annual Conference and Expo. This year's winners are listed below. IISE Transactions, newsletter and most chapter awards were published in the June issue of ISE.

To see a complete list of winners, go to honors.

Frank & Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award
Harvey Wolfe, University of Pittsburgh

Captains of Industry Award
David Baker, DirecTV
Francis Kramer, II-VI Incorporated
Severn McMurtry, FedEx Ground

Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award
Ronald Askin, Arizona State University

David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award
Sheldon Jacobson, University of Illinois-Urbana

Russell Barton, The Pennsylvania State University
Steven Butt, Western Michigan University
Antonio Dieck-Assad, Universidad de Monterrey
Natarajan Gautam, Texas A&M University
John Huffman, Spirit Aerosystems Inc.
Gino Lim, University of Houston
Edwin Romeijn, Georgia Institute of Technology
Joyce Siegele, Northside Hospital
Steven Snelling, Boeing (retired)
Warren Thomas, SUNY at Buffalo
Jerry (Mickey) Trimm, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Kai Yang, Wayne State University
Chun (Chuck) Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology
Shiyu Zhou, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Early Career IE in Academia
Sponsored by Integrated Technology Systems
Jennifer Pazour, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

West Monroe Partners Outstanding Early Career IE in Business/Industry
Jared Dunlap, West Monroe Partners

Outstanding Middle Career IE Leadership Award for Business/Industry
Joel Brock, West Monroe Partners

SEMS Outstanding Management Achievement in Industrial and Systems Engineering Award
Janine Kamath, Mayo Clinic

Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award
Douglas Rabeneck, West Monroe Partners

George L. Smith International Award for Excellence in Promotion of Industrial Engineering
Gregory Watson, Business Excellence Solutions Ltd.

Honorary Member Award
Peter Hancock, University of Central Florida

UPS Minority Advancement
Charlyn Plunk, CGP Ventura

Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award
First place: Kai Pan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, "Strong Formulations for Multistage Stochastic Self-Scheduling Unit Commitment"

James W. Barany Student Award for Excellence
First place: Andrew Anderson, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Award for Technical Innovation in Industrial Engineering
Sponsored by the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems at the University of Central FloridaRasaratnam Logendran, Oregon State University

Graduate Research Award
First place: MD Shahriar Hossain, Louisiana State University

I5 Award
Andrew Johnson, Texas A&M University; Ananth Krishnamurthy, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Sushanta Sahu, National Oilwell Varco; Robert (Bob) Voigt, The Pennsylvania State University

IISE/ Rockwell Automation Student Simulation Competition
First place: Ecole de Technologie Superieure; "Team ETS" – Mathieu Dion, Marc Roy, Xavier Rousseau-Laliberte; Marc Paquet (advisor)

IISE Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition
Sponsored by John Deere
First place: Mohammed Alhathal, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Western Region, "Distribution Warehouse Design, Process Improvement and Waste Reduction at Empire International"

Innovations in Curriculum Competition
David Claudio, William Schell, Durward Sobek, Laura Stanley and Nicolas Ward, Montana State University

IISE Innovative Design Competition
First place: Bohan Gao, Harvey Mudd College; Taner Telci, University of Florida; George Gerges, University of Texas- Arlington; Colleen Ferlotti, Virginia Tech; Daniel Castillo- Gomez, Universidad de los Andes; and Ashkan Mirzaee, University of Missouri-Columbia

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Awards
Global Level Honoree: David Claudio (Western Region), Montana State University

Regional Level Honorees
Central/South American Region: Ever Fuentes, Chapter Liberty – Universidad Libre
Great Lakes Region: Steve Duket, Purdue University
Mexican Region: Nicte Zayil Ganzo Barcelo, Instituto Tecnologico de Merida
Mid-Atlantic Region: Mingzhou Jin, University of Tennessee- Knoxville
North Central Region: Douglas King, University of Illinois- Urbana
Northeast Region: Bopaya Bidanda, University of Pittsburgh South Central: Xinyu Liu, Lamar University
Southeast Asia Region: Hwi Chie Ho, Binus University

Most Improved Chapter Award
Columbus (Ohio)

Phoenix Award
(For reactivating a chapter that has been inactive for more than two years)
Portland (Oregon)

Scholarships and fellowships

A.O. Putnam Memorial Scholarship
John Saile, Virginia Tech

C.B. Gambrell Undergraduate Scholarship
Sharon Melul Steinfeld, Northeastern University

CISE Scholarship
Justin Taylor, University of Arkansas

Dwight D. Gardner Scholarships
Hannah Anthony, Oklahoma State University
Ruben Arcos Aguirre, ITESM – Queretaro
Carlos Arrieta Schmid, ITESM – Queretaro
Megan Barthelmess, West Virginia University
Mary Buckingham, Virginia Tech
Sean Christiansen, University of Oklahoma
Cai Fei, Pennsylvania State University
Erin Glavin, Arizona State University
Wendy Lau Wong, Oklahoma State University
Carly Stasack, Oregon State University
Caroline Waas, Purdue University

E.J. Sierleja Memorial Fellowship
Liliana Delgado Hidalgo, University of Arkansas

Gilbreth Memorial Fellowships
Raed Al Kontar, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Haluk Damgacioglu, University of Miami
Lacy Greening, Oklahoma State University
Pedro Huebner dos Reis, North Carolina State University
Meagan Raley, FAMU/FSU

Harold & Inge Marcus ScholarshipsKyleigh Bloyd, Colorado State University
Kaylie Butt, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Kathryn Leverson, University of Oklahoma
Jennifer Lundahl, University of Pittsburgh
Grace McGee, University of Arkansas
Christopher Muir, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Landon Rehmar, Ohio University
Wynhec Romas Vazquez, University of Puerto Rico
Joshua Schneider, Oregon State University
Lauren Schwartz, Virginia Tech
Wyatt VanDePol, Kansas State University

Henry & Elisabeth Kroeze Scholarships
Adriana Garsow, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Victoria Portier, University of Pittsburgh
Austin Rehmar, Ohio University

IISE Council of Fellows
Jessica Lewis, Northeastern University
Tony Woods, University of Arkansas

John F. Fargher Scholarships
Seyed-Shahab Mofidi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

John L. Imhoff Scholarships
Babak Farmanesh, Oklahoma State University
Akash Gupta, Oklahoma State University
Christopher Hernandez, Iowa State University
Emily Matlock, University of Arkansas

Lisa Zaken Award for Excellence
Habibba Shalaby, AASTMT

Marvin Mundel Memorial Scholarship
Logan Mamer, Wright State University

Presidents Scholarship
McKenna Morrison, Oklahoma State University

SHS Scholarship
Tony Woods, University of Arkansas

UPS Scholarship for Female Students
Camille Jones, Ohio University

UPS Scholarship for Minority Students
Rachel Holmer, University of Arkansas

Society and division honors

CIS Division Mobile App Competition
First place: Duaa Serhan, Haifeng Wang, Ibrahim Yilmaz and Qianqian Zhang; Sang Won Yoon (advisor); "Smart Healthy Intake Coach"; State University of New York at Binghamton

CIS Division Student Paper Award
Mohammed Aladeemy and Linda Adwan, Binghamton University, "A Mathematical Programming Approach for Relocation Planning of Data Centers"

Construction Division Student Paper Award
Sponsored by ConAm Group
Javad Seif and Brett Shields, University of Tennessee-Knoxville Space Institute at Tullahoma, "Minimizing the Cost of Machinery Procurement in Construction Projects Under Horizon Uncertainty"

Engineering Economy Division Teaching Award
Mehmet Bayram Yildirim, Wichita State University

Engineering Economy Wellington Award
James Luxhoj, Rutgers University

Healthcare Systems Student Best Paper Competition
First place: Bing Yao, The Pennsylvania State University, "Physical- Statistical Modeling and Regularization of High-Dimensional Dynamical Systems"

Lean Division Best Practice Competition
First place (tie):

  • Chanchal Saha and Warren Boldrin, IBM, "Predictive Order Advisor: Integrating Lean Techniques with Analytical Modeling for Customer Order Management"
  • Heidi Arnold and Beverly Walker, Indiana University Health North Hospital, "Improving Mammography Workflow and Throughput to Ease Staff Efforts and Serve More Patients"

Lean Division Best Student Paper Award
Sponsored by J T. and the late Carol Black
Andrea Montalvo Rodriguez, Ana-Cristina Bastidas and Samantha Lankenau, Universidad de Monterrey, "Improving Ambulance Performance Efficiency to Decrease Response Time"

Lean Division Teaching Award
Sponsored by Lean Enterprise Value Foundation
Frank Peters and Leslie Potter, Iowa State University

Logistics and Supply Chain Division Best Student Paper Award
Sponsored by APL Logistics
Xin Li, The Pennsylvania State University, "Design of a CO2 Supply Chain for Industrial Applications"

Logistics and Supply Chain Division Teaching Award
Sponsored by APL Logistics
A. Ravi Ravindran, The Pennsylvania State University

Logistics and Supply Chain Division Outstanding Industry Practitioner Award
Rajiv Saxena, APL Logistics

Logistics and Supply Chain Division Student Case Award
Sponsored by APL Logistics
Graduate level: Fangzhou Sun, Virginia Tech
Undergraduate level: Logan Baillie, Dalhousie University

Manufacturing and Design Division Best Student Paper Award
Lokesh Karthik Narayanan, North Carolina State University, "Non-Destructive Quality Assessment of 3-D-Biofabricated Constructs using Dielectric Impedance Spectroscopy"

Manufacturing and Design Division Outstanding Service Award
Matthew Frank, Iowa State University

Manufacturing and Design Division Young Investigator Award
Linkan Bian, Mississippi State University

Operations Research Division Teaching Award
Amir Ali Ahmadi and Georgina Hall, Princeton University

Operations Research Division Undergraduate Student Research Dissemination Award
First place: Danika Dorris, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, "Predicting Patients' Outcomes Following Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Procedure"

Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Division Golomski Award
Tongdan Jin, Texas State University; Zhaojun Li, Western New England University

Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Division Student Paper Competition
Mojtaba Khanzadeh, Mississippi State University, "Using Melt Pool Thermal Profiles to Predict Porosity in Additive Manufacturing"; co-authors Sudipta Chowdhury, Mohammad Marufuzzaman, Mark A. Tschopp (Army Research Laboratory) and Linkan Bian

Society for Engineering and Management Systems Best Student Paper Award
Sponsored by Missouri University of Science & Technology Mateus Lima, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, "A Methodological Approach for Kaizen Events in Assembly Cells"

Society for Health Systems Graduate Student Paper Award
Jia Yan, Georgia Institute of Technology, "Age-Specific Risk- Cutoff Values in Prenatal-Integrated Screening for Down Syndrome Considering Fairness"

Sustainable Development Division Best Student Paper Award
Osama Alotaik, The Pennsylvania State University, "Little Data, Big Data and Food Insecurity: An Integrated Approach"

Sustainable Development Division Teaching Award
Craig Just, University of Iowa

Best Track Papers Awards

Computer & Information Systems: Cheng-Bang Chen, Hui Yang and Soundar Kumara, The Pennsylvania State University, "A Novel Pattern-Frequency Tree Approach for Transition Analysis and Anomaly Detection in Nonlinear and Nonstationary Systems"

Energy Systems: Gino Lim, Saeedeh Abbasi and Masoud Barati, University of Houston, "A Multi-Objective MPEC Model for Disaster Management of Power System Restoration"

Engineering Economy: Anastasia Blaset Kastro, The Higher School of Economics; Nikolay Kulakov, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies; "New Applications of the IRR Method in the Evaluation of Investment Projects"

Facilities Design and Planning: Pratik Parikh and Corinne Mowrey, Wright State University, "The Retail Rack Layout Problem"

Healthcare Systems: Nicholas Ballester and Pratik Parikh, Wright State University; Jordan Peck, Maine Medical Center; "Evaluating the Generalizability of an Approach to Improve the Inpatient Day-of-Discharge Process"

Lean Systems: Richard Sowdon and Randall Tillman, USPS, "Lean Management Implementation in USPS Mail Processing Operations"

Logistics and Supply Chain: Ana Muriel and Michael Prokle, University of Massachusetts Amherst, "Stochastic Joint Replenishment Problem with Batch Ordering"

Modeling and Simulation: Jitamitra Desai and Sandeep Srivathsan, Nanyang Technological University; Guan Lian, Harbin Institute of Technology; "A Hybrid Penalty-Based Dynamic Policy for Effective Departure Pushback Control"

Operations Research: Rakesh Prakash and Jitamitra Desai, Nanyang Technological University, "A Data-Splitting Algorithm for Multiple Runway Flight Sequencing and Scheduling" Production Planning and Scheduling: Yisha Xiang, Ezra Wari and Weihang Zhu, Lamar University, "A Constraint Programming Model for Ice Cream Processing"

Quality Control & Reliability: Chenang Liu and Zhenyu Kong, Virginia Tech, "Images-Based Online Closed Loop Quality Control for Additive Manufacturing Process"

Safety, Human Factors and Ergonomics: Jonisha Pollard, Mahiyar Nasarwanji and Jessica Merrill, NIOSH, "Metatarsal Boot Safety When Ascending Stairs"

Security Engineering: Thomas Sharkey and Felipe Ortiz, RPI, "Modeling the Impact of User Rehabilitation on Illegal Drug Trafficking Operations"

Sustainable Development: John Corliss, PEER Consultants; Eliseo Vilalta-Perdomo and Rosario Michel-Villarreal, University of Lincoln, "On Defining ‘Sustainability' – An Impossible Task?"

Systems Engineering and Design: Ke Sun and James Luxhoj, Rutgers University, "An Optimization-Enhanced Dynamic Approach for Supply Chain Risk Analysis"

An array of lean thinking at ELSS 2017

Debbie J. Nightingale Carey Hobbs Dr. Steven Choi (from left), Carey Hobbs and Deborah J.
Nightingale are the keynote speakers for ELSS 2017.

Three keynote speakers are on tap for the Engineering Lean and Six Sigma Conference, scheduled for Sept. 25-27 at the Embassy Suites Orlando-Lake Buena Vista South in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Steven Choi directs Montefiore Health System's Institute for Performance Improvement, where he leads clinical performance improvement strategies and training. Carey Hobbs is corporate quality director for Micross Components. Both will speak Sept. 26. Deborah J. Nightingale, a university distinguished professor at the University of Central Florida, rounds out the keynoters on Sept. 27. She has broad-based international experience with academia, including UCF and MIT, the private sector and government.

For more details, visit Register by July 31 and save up to $250.

VOLUNTEER SNAPSHOT: Adding to the curriculum

Johnson's volunteering helped bring IE degree to WPI

Sharon JohnsonSharon Johnson's involvement with IISE helped establish an industrial engineering degree and university chapter at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, along with finding people with shared interests as her career evolved.

When Johnson joined WPI's faculty, the school did not offer an industrial engineering degree. So in the mid-1990s, she and others established what has been a strong IE degree ever since. The professor of operations and industrial engineering in WPI's Business School said IISE was instrumental, particularly in moving forward at a university that doesn't have a school of engineering. Her involvement in the Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads (CIEADH) also helped with understanding some of the requirements for accreditation. The degree was accredited by ABET within a year or so, she said.

They started an IISE university chapter, and the students visited with the Worcester/New England chapter and different companies, an affiliation that remains strong as the students hosted the regional conference a couple of years ago. The chapter also brings IISE in to conduct lean and Six Sigma training.

Johnson's ties with IISE have remained strong as well. She previously served as advisor to WPI's university chapter. She has served as Lean Division president. And in 2018 she will chair the Engineering Lean and Six Sigma Conference. Johnson gets to see other research at the conference and get feedback on her own ideas, something she called extremely important.

That importance was underlined as Johnson's research moved into healthcare about a decade ago. IISE helped her connect with colleagues who have similar interests. That led to looking at lean in healthcare, which triggered involvement with the Lean Division.

Johnson views her academic role as one of creating knowledge, and IISE and the Lean Division provide a way to look beyond her immediate environment to see what's happening across the profession and network across boundaries. She shares that view with her charges, assigning ISE magazine reading to her facility design class.

"It helps students create some identity with the profession," she said. "It is a resource for them to look outside of what they learned in the classroom and as they go out into the world to be able to link to something that's both a network of people and a source of information."

Submit: Analytics can transform your enterprise

Deadline is Sept. 1 for special issue of IISE/INCOSE publication

The Journal of Enterprise Transformation, a joint publication of IISE and INCOSE, is welcoming submissions for a special issue on the role of analytics in enabling enterprise transformation. The submission deadline is Sept. 1.

Papers should explore how analytics, in all its forms, is being adopted to transform processes across functions or entire organizations. Prospective topics include the value of analytics, the data economy, the adoption of advanced analytics, decision science and organization design.

For more information, contact special issue editors William B. Rouse at the Stevens Institute of Technology (rouse@ or Jim Spohrer of IBM ( For details about the Journal of Enterprise Transformation and all other IISE publications, visit