For quality ISO auditing, take the long view

Some practitioners use the ISO standard to meet the status quo, while others use it to improve their quality management system and achieve competitive gains.  
By Joseph Haefner, Kim Gallagher and Christina Rogers 


The better plants use less power

The U.S. Department of energy develops an energy-saving program to help the U.S. become the most competitive manufacturing nation by the end of this decade. 
By Eli Levine 


Material handling: Robots or conveyors?

As online retailing continues to expand at incredible speed, companies like Amazon are integrating automation into their supply chain to keep pace. 
By Yavuz A. Bozer and Francisco J. Aldarondo 


A four-part plan for smart manufacturing

The renaissance of manufacturing has been an intense topic in the last few years. It will take industry, government and academia acting as one to lead the next revolution. 
By Andrew Kusiak 


Fishbone facilitation reflection

While the fishbone diagram is seen as merely an old tool in manufacturing and healthcare, it can prove to be a useful tool for software-oriented and service-based businesses.  
By Jennifer Otitigbe