Hone your brand, believability and style

Learning the art and science of persuasion is proven to help bring professional success to ISEs who want to build their personal brand as a change agent for their companies.
By Bob Gold and D. Scott Sink 


Do it right the first time

Effective project management demands design for Six Sigma as it improves customer satisfaction and net income through a methodology for instituting companywide change.
By Elizabeth A. Cudney and Tina Agustiady 


With machinery purchases, small can be beautiful

When asked what an ideal number of pieces to a machine would be, most would say “one,” but one is not the ideal number when it comes to machine size.
By Richard J. Schonberger 


Analytics for process design and improvement

In an increasingly data-driven world, using predictive analytics can help manufacturers achieve greater results for production design and improvement initiatives.
By Timothy Stansfield, Ronda Massey and Andrew Aitken