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Is tracking employee behavior crossing the line? Should you register for the PE exam coming up in April? Did you know that IISE Transactions has a new editor? Have you registered for HSPI 2017, the Society for Health Systems' annual conference? These are just some of the questions being raised and answered on IISE's social networks. 


On the wrong track

ISE columnist Kevin McManus shared an article from Harvard Business Review, "The Long-Term Effects of Tracking Employee Behavior" by Gretchen Gavett, and asked what IISE LinkedIn group members think about using RFID to track employee behavior.
"No, uncomfortable espionage."
Soheila Heidarian, Ph.D. student,
Iran University of Science and Technology

"Very counterproductive. You will get control … at the expense of your employees' trust in the company. Doing so, your message to them is that their engagement and their efforts to contribute are useless, not worthy. Since employee engagement is already extremely low in organizations, you will compound the problem. Be ready to lose your best talents and your knowledge employees."
Alain Gardner, principal, team performance coach and consultant,
AGardner Associates

"I don't believe most employees would like the idea of being monitored during their shift. The article mentions that in their study, hand washing rates did go up, but then fell back down. Psychologically it will hinder their performance and could potentially break that person's allegiance to their company. That could be a large productivity killer."
Brian Strevens, research assistant, University of Central Florida,
and president of the IISE UCF Student Chapter

"I am not too happy about tracking either, although it might be a good way for willing participants to identify routes for spaghetti diagrams (for area layouts). In the case of hand washing, it depends on whether or not we really see the situation as serious. If we really care about disease being spread to patients, then we must take some action."
Steve Borris, consultant and author, Productivity Jigsaw Ltd. 

Becoming a professional engineer

Amy Greer, principal simulation engineer at MOSIMTEC LLC, posted a reminder that the next PE exam for industrial engineering will be held in April with deadlines to apply looming large. (Find out details at It elicited this response from one group member:

"I received my PE in ISE many years ago. Over my career, the PE has opened many doors. I also look for degreed engineers with a PE to hire as this indicates this person learned and knows how to apply their trade effectively. The PE separates those who know engineering and other people with a technical degree almost as good as an ISE."
Ken McClymonds, principal consultant, OpEx Solutions Inc. 



Professor Jan Shi

Georgia Tech ISyE @GeorgiaTechISyE
"Congrats! Prof Jan Shi has been appointed EIC of @iisenet's flagship journal, Transactions. #HelluvaEngineer #wecandothat"



Michael Foss @MDFoss
"‘Rochester Chapter Lean Interest Group' https://www. by @MDFoss on @LinkedIn @IISENet #IE #IndustrialEngineering"


Bianca Garcia @BGarcia003
"Can't wait for #SHS2017! Have you signed up yet? 12/26 is deadline for early-bird conference rate: http://www. @SHSinfo #lean"

Amanda Mewborn @amandame1101
"Share your healthcare process improvement projects! Contribute to the #RawsonChallenge! @SHSInfo #SHS2017"


Lashawn Nevins @whodat_ergo
"Add visuals to your ergonomics presentations with ergo funnies on the GoErgo funnies and curiosities page -"

Dan Gottesman @DaGergo
"#AEC2017 #ErgoCup® A record 86 submissions received. See, hear, and learn from these innovators. Orlando 3/27-30"

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