Performance by Kevin McManus

Getting better with age
Optimizing human potential should be elevated to the forefront of our performance improvement strategy list. What are you doing to optimize the use of process improvement talent, not just in your workplace but in your community as well?


Management by Paul Engle

Managing your risk appetite
Risk is defined as the probability of an event occuring multiplied by its consequences, good or bad. The key to effective risk management is to understand and prepare before the event happens.


Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

Ergonomics in healthcare environments
I wish I had explored the field of ergonomics sooner. There are many considerations when designing healthcare environments: clinical workflow, patient experience and ergomonics are just a few aspects that IEs can incorporate into facility design.


Supply Chain by Jim Tomkins

Responding to digital disruptions
Due to continued disruptions, your company's supply chain must be capable of responding to competitors' digital capabilities. Supply chain professionals are more important to your success than ever before.


Member Forum by By Richard J. Schonberger

Motorola should withdraw Six Sigma trademark
Six Sigma is a common noun, just as are lean, statistical process control, kanban, engineering, supply chain management and so on. Yet writers and writers are legally obligated to capitalize it because it was copyrighted by Motorola. It's time that Motorola withdraws the trademark.