Engineers who make a difference

Luud Schimmelpennink develops shared transportation solutions for the future, and Conrad Tucker uses virtual reality and big data to bring efficiencies to education and other sectors.
By Michael Hughes 


Killing stupid rules

Doing away with excessive rules in your organization can either become a pivotal moment when things change for the better, or a quarterly ritual that brings joy to your employees.
By Lisa Bodell 


Bringing quality to internal customers

California berry producer Driscoll's partner with its suppliers to bring sustainability to its supply chain, from carton production to inventory.
By Khaled Mabrouk and Erik Sambrailo  


Going cognitive with manufacturing ergonomics

As the demands of manufacturing processing and design change with the times, a correlating modern approach should consider not only traditional ergonomics but cognitive ergonomics.
By Sharon Claxton Bommer 


Peer evaluations hit the factory floor

Employee empowerment is correlated to how well companies perform in the market. Using peer evaluations could help build marketplace-dominant teams for many companies.
By Merwan B. Mehta