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This vote adds value – really

IISE members to pick next crop of board members and other leaders 

John C. Maxwell, a New York Times best-selling author on leadership, once said, "To add value to others, one must first value others."


If you are elected, how will you make things better for industrial engineers through your position? 

Adding value is what industrial and systems engineering is all about – whether in the boardroom, in operations, on campus, at the medical center or wherever else ISEs ply their trade. That's why our colleagues often wind up as leaders in academia and industry.

This applies to the IISE board of trustees as well, and with the U.S. presidential election now behind us, it's time for membership to pick our next crop of leaders.

For 2016 to 2017, three posts are open on the institute's 13-person board of trustees, along with three vice presidencies of technical operations and three regional vice presidencies.

All terms are three years, and the president-elect transitions to serve as president during the second year and immediate past president during the third year.

Six candidates are vying to become vice presidents of technical operations. Information about regional vice president candidates will appear on the ballots for each respective region: Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Canada.

Professional IISE members will be emailed an election-specific password, known as an e-signature, Dec. 9, along with instructions for casting an electronic ballot. IISE must have members' current email addresses for this process. To make sure IISE has your correct email address, go to, select "My Membership" in the dropdown menu for the Membership tab. Then click on "Update your member record."

The electronic ballot includes biographical information for all candidates. Members who want to vote with a paper ballot must request that IISE mail or fax them a ballot. Contact IISE Member and Customer Support by phone at (800) 494-0460 or (770) 449-0460; 441-3295; or by mail at 3577 Parkway Lane, Suite 200, Norcross, GA 30092.

Web polls open Dec. 9. The deadline for submitting votes is midnight Eastern time, Jan. 18, 2017. So take your pick, and let's add value in the future to our institution, our profession and each other.


Tim McGlothlin

W. Tim McGlothlin

Executive director
The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina
Raleigh, N.C.

I'm fortunate to have served two terms as senior vice president for technical networking on IISE's board of trustees. If elected, I will continue the board's focus on membership retention/growth and a greater international presence. Working as an industry consultant within a large university gives me a unique perspective of both the academic and industry needs of our constituents. As president-elect, my role would be basic yet critical to the growth of the profession and IISE – establish an open line of communication between these constituents; focus on strategies that would increase the value of the institute's products and services; and positively influence the global nature of our profession.

Brad ParrishBrad Parrish

Managing director of transportation operations
FedEx Office
Plano, Texas

Over the years, IISE has provided networking opportunities, friendships, and opportunities to mentor and be mentored. I've had the privilege to both present and learn from peers and the most recent pleasure of serving as the IISE Industry Advisory Board Chairman from 2014 to 2015. As president-elect, I would represent the organization according to IISE's strategic vision of supporting the industrial and systems engineering profession through the value proposition it provides to industry, academia and the many growing fields IE continues to evolve within. I would offer my leadership in promoting STEM initiatives as they relate to industrial engineering and expand the presence and visibility of industrial engineering and the institute.

Senior vice president – publications

J. Cole Smith

J. Cole Smith

Professor and department chair, industrial engineering 
Clemson University
Clemson, S.C

I aim to enhance the visibility and impact of IISE publications. There is an urgent need to demonstrate how industrial and systems engineering contributes to vital applications in areas such as healthcare, energy, security and logistics. Our relevance depends on our ability to address these needs and communicate our successes. To maximize our effectiveness, the publication process must be swift, and our successes must be disseminated in exciting and creative ways. I would work with our journal editors to explore new ideas in improving the efficiency and fairness of our publication process. I will also lead a charge to explore creative ways to market our achievements.

Candace Arai Yano

Candace Arai Yano

Kalbach Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Operations & Information Technology Management, Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California

I have served in major editorial positions with a dozen different journals, all closely related to industrial and systems engineering, including editor-in-chief of IIE Transactions. I would ensure that IISE's publications remain of high quality and financially viable. I also want to ensure that they continue serving the organization well, which could involve working with the editors to implement thoughtfully considered adjustments to the contents or scope of the journals. I would also contribute to the broader decision-making of the board, drawing on my experience as a longtime IISE member and fellow and as a faculty member and former department chair of an industrial engineering department.

Senior vice president – international

Jennifer A. Cross

Jennifer A. Cross

Associate professor, industrial, manufacturing and systems engineering
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas

Societies and divisions provide avenues for members with similar interests to connect, organize conference tracks, establish and maintain their body of knowledge, publish research and case studies and recognize excellence. A recent IISE student survey found that technical special interest groups (i.e., societies and divisions) were one of the major ways students hoped to connect with other ISEs after graduation; yet student involvement in societies and divisions is currently limited. If elected, I will work to develop initiatives to better engage students with societies and divisions. This will enhance the leadership and technical skills of students and young professionals and help societies and divisions grow.

Amanda Mewborn

Amanda Mewborn

Executive director
Project Management Office, Piedmont Healthcare

The senior vice president, technical operations is responsible for strategy and operations of IISE's 15 societies and divisions. IISE's societies and divisions provide members with access to networking and content based on industry or discipline. This year, IISE leadership implemented a new methodology for measuring performance of societies and divisions. If elected to this role, I would work with the board of trustees, technical vice presidents, and society and division leaders to use the new performance measurement system to develop and implement strategies for improvement for each society and division. The goal would be to enhance the value members receive from their engagement with societies and divisions.

Vice president – technical operations, Position 1 

Tina Agustiady

Tina Agustiady

Project manager of deploying a lean enterprise system
Tampa, Florida

If elected, I would like to reconnoiter the future of lean by exploring new topics and outreach mechanisms to ensure the sustainability and growth of lean and IISE. I would like to get the younger generation involved and make sure that innovation, growth, networking and mentoring programs are available. I will help build an internal organization for networking and career opportunities. I also will support IISE conferences, awards, reporting and elections to increase participation for IISE while having fun. It will be important to ensure that operational efficiency and integrity for all IISE services are met through established best practices to drive improved efficiency and scalability.

Aman Sapra

Aman Sapra

Director, supply chain
St. Onge Co.
York, Pennsylvania

I have learned about the opportunities, benefits, obstacles and gaps in the current member value proposition as a board member of the Lean Division and Logistics and Supply Chain Division and president of the Lean Division. Societies and divisions are valuably positioned to provide members with a cross-functional skill set needed to succeed in today's globally competitive world. Specifically, I target three areas. The first will focus on increasing member participation in society- and division-sponsored events by fostering cross-functional learning. The second will address specific needs to increase value gain for academics, students and professionals. The third will work with society and division presidents to implement optimal route-to-membership involvement.

Vice president – technical operations, Position 2

John Jackman

John Jackman

Associate professor, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

Based on my leadership experience in the Manufacturing and Design Division, societies and divisions face two major challenges. The first is articulating value propositions for a diverse constituency (industry practitioners, faculty and students) that has different goals. The second is to develop processes and infrastructures that will help sustain society and division efforts, given that their leadership positions are voluntary. My efforts will focus on helping the leadership of societies and divisions develop well-defined value propositions that will attract new IISE members. In addition, I will champion new processes and infrastructure that will help ensure the long-term sustainability of IISE societies and divisions.

Rudy Santacroce

Rudy Santacroce

Vice president, operational excellence

The vice presidents of technical operations are responsible for the support of IISE's mission through the activities and engagements of societies and divisions, along with supporting the IE body of knowledge. This is best accomplished through leadership, strategic support, mentorship and collaborative communication. Throughout my career, I have succeeded in bringing together multiple silos of leadership and project teams to accomplish sustained results. If I am elected for this role, I would partner closely with my fellow technical vice presidents along with society and division leaders to progress the IE body of knowledge, improve our offerings to our members and ultimately advance our engineering profession.

Vice president – technical operations, Position 3

Rajiv Saxena

Rajiv Saxena

Global head, supply chain solutions
APL Logistics
Scottsdale, Arizona

My key focus would be providing support for volunteer leaders and working closely with them to foster strong relationships across IISE. Specifically, I plan to help volunteers and leaders of divisions and societies set a progressive agenda and conduct their business and achieve their goals; use my industry connections to enhance industry participation in events, recruitment of members, and sponsorships for awards, events and projects; bring learnings of best practices from other professional associations and industry to enhance areas of knowledge management and talent development and administer division and society affairs; and help establish enhanced collaborative relationships involving IISE, academicians and industry participants.

Alex Ortiz

Alex Ortiz

Director, pharmacy consulting services
Kaiser Permanente
Downey, California

I intend to bring suggestions and ideas to better engage ISE member participation in events and maintain a general focus on highlighting the benefits of IISE to members. I will include strategies to increase communication with other professionals in the field of process improvement, project management, operational improvement, change management, business and operational consulting. While many medical doctors, nurses and MBAs don't have ISE degrees, they are working in ISE fields and doing related work. I intend to continue improving the link between universities and industry by bringing an industry perspective as well as opportunities to potential and current students.