Final Five

with Brittney Hall, management engineer at Baylor Scott & White Health

Brittney Hall is a self-described “engineering yogi” who graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a B.S. in industrial engineering as well as an MBA with a management concentration. She is a yoga enthusiast who uses fitness as a gateway to speak to young people about STEM careers within the healthcare industry. 


What drove you to become an IE in healthcare?

When I was 15, my parents enrolled me in an engineering camp at the University of Texas at Arlington. The camp incorporated educational engineering-based games, activities and projects that further piqued my interest in the field. I was fascinated by the numerous amount of career options that incorporated my appreciation for math. Later, as an IE student, I received an Industrial Engineer [now ISE] magazine that featured the cover story, “Helping a Hospital Shine.” I was drawn to the many opportunities an industrial engineer had in an industry where, as a health advocate, I could link my passion for health and wellness with my skills and abilities as an engineer.Brittney Hall 

When did you first become interested in yoga?

My parents encouraged my younger sister and me to live healthy lifestyles. I was always very active, whether I was involved in gymnastics, acrobatics or swimming. After I graduated college, I desired an activity outside of the gym that was challenging, yet rewarding. I attended a yoga class at my local gym and fell in love with yoga. I would practice and push myself beyond my limits and began to see improvements physically. I apply my yoga mentality to my professional life by challenging myself daily to push past my mental barriers and not let fear or doubt dictate my moves. If it is possible physically, it is possible mentally.

How do you use yoga to introduce young women to STEM careers?

I use yoga as a gateway to begin discussing STEM careers within the healthcare industry. The young people I meet with are initially fascinated with the yoga workout, which later leads to discussions surrounding my professional career. My method ignites an interest in their own health at a young and malleable stage, which later sparks an interest in the field, where I discuss the necessity for industrial engineering and other STEM tools and techniques in healthcare.

Describe your tie between personal health and career health.

For me, fulfillment comes from enjoying what you do and where you do it. I made the decision to link my personal interest of health and wellness with my professional aspiration of healthcare improvement specifically in labor management. I did my research and realized that I could utilize my industrial engineering skills within the healthcare industry. I truly believe that the first step in career health is finding a career that balances your passion and gifts with your skills. Your job function can be associated to your skill, while you are passionate about the industry in which you work.

How would you encourage engineers to improve their health?

Iyengar yoga is a form of yoga that integrates the use of props to enhance body alignment. There are many exercises and stretches that incorporate a desk or chair that can be done throughout the day. Committing 30 minutes a day to any form of exercise that increases your heart rate enhances your mental and emotional stability. Also, it is important to eat healthier when you have a job that is not physically demanding.

– Interview by David Brandt 

David Brandt is the Web managing editor for IISE.