Telemedicine provides a modern shake on ancient teachings

Humanitarian engineering effort devises online outlet for spiritual healers
By Linda Tello

The potential energy savings of heat reuse

Recovering wasted heat can cut fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions
By Alaa Kafafi

Racing through a life of problems and solutions

Israeli IE professor survived Holocaust, Olympic terrorism to succeed in 2 walks of life
By Keith Albertson

Learning to see without value stream maps

How a spaghetti diagram can help plot a more efficient layout
By Shahrukh Irani


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • 3D printed rockets could send humans to moon
  • New York learning program seeks STEM diversity
  • AI platform could help those with emotional distress
  • Creating robots that grasp and walk like humans
  • Drone use could save time, money, environment
  • Assessing global efforts toward a sustainable world
  • Supply chain IoT a boon for some, a bust for others
  • Smartphones could help deter drunken drivers
  • Study: COVID innovations are here to stay


Performance by Kevin McManus

Forced to choose – ISEs in 'adjustment mode'

Management by Paul Engle

Business plan fundamentals

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

Human resiliency during tough times

IISE Body of Knowledge by Diana Berry

Body of Knowledge progress and applications

Health Systems by Aaron Kanne

A giant leap forward – eventually


This month in IISE news ...

  • IISE's impact circles the globe
  • CHAPTER CHECK-IN: International students stay engaged virtually
  • New officers, board members are selected for 2021
  • NITIE celebrates Engineer’s Day with IISE


October 2023 issue


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