Let’s truly add systems to industrial engineering

The future requires reference models, system design methodologies and integrated analysis tools
By Timothy Sprock and Leon F. McGinnis 

Good eats with engineered labor standards

Science and productivity go hand in hand in the food distribution industry
By George Bishop  

Getting more out of the normal distribution

Computers make the old, reliable bell curve distribution even more useful
By Merwan Mehta  

CL6 allows three shots at better improvement

CL6 combines theory of constraints, lean and Six Sigma for true synergies in improvement
By John D. Hudson Jr. 

Growing or not, here comes next year

While not foolproof, leading indicators can help industrial executives prepare for growth in 2018
By Danielle Marceau


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Smart underwear offers a spinal tap
  • Volvo says goodbye to gas?
  • Concrete might pave over air pollution
  • Programming buildings can save cash
  • How to lean in at service organizations
  • Cummins beats Tesla to electric tractor-trailers
  • Lack of talent sticks companies in the middle
  • Diagnose yourself and burn the results
  • Algorithm helps green delivery fleets
  • Book of the month: The Toyota Way to Service Excellence


Performance by Kevin McManus

Getting social with it

Management by Paul Engle

Is Tesla’s Model 3 a giant killer?

Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

Perceptions of a system run by nurses

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Make sure your warehouse data computes


This month in IISE news

The October issue features a volunteer snapshot of IISE member Beth Cudney, whose father started the ELSS conference; details about the prestigious Ergo Cup competition and the upcoming Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference taking place in Atlanta; a recent partnership with IISE and UL offering members new training courses; and a Chapter Check-in on IISE Chapter 254 in Silicon Valley.


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March 2023 issue

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