Tracking storms of misinformation spread amid disasters

Machine learning can be used to identify 'fake news' shared via social media
By Kyle Hunt, Puneet Agarwal and Jun Zhuang

Reducing surgical residents' burnout using neurofeedback

Study measures results of medical workers' depression before and after treatment
By Lukasz M. Mazur, Alana Campbell, Prithima Mosaly, Karthik Adapa, Dr. Ian Kratzke, Dr. Lawrence M. Marks, Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody and Dr. Timothy M. Farrell

Four decades of manufacturing's hits, misses and smiles

Plant tours from years past highlight lean, JIT and TPS implementers and their methodologies
By Richard J. Schonberger

Always a better way: The staying power of an ISE career

Full impact of industrial and systems engineers often misunderstood, overlooked
By Casey R. Spansel


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Prosthetic device uses computer interface, machine learning to copy hand motions
  • U.S., Chinese companies each produce self-driving service vehicles
  • Cornell researchers develop a vascular system to power robotic ‘lionfish’
  • German automaker reworks assembly line processes to ease older workers’ strain
  • Researchers develop first contactless cardiac arrest AI system for smart speakers
  • Carnegie Mellon making a downsized lunar rover for 2021 unmanned mission
  • Book of the month: Emerging Frontiers in Industrial and Systems Engineering: Success Through Collaboration


Performance by Kevin McManus

Setting outstanding expectations

Management by Paul Engle

Effective leaders know when risk is right

Health Systems by Tarun Mohan Lal

Overtreatment challenges IEs

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

New York’s climate change move

Member Forum by Laura Czuba

Applying BoK, ISE to home healthcare


This month in IISE news ...

  • Lean Scrum workshop to highlight ELSS conference in Houston
  • Winners of event sponsored by FlexSim to be crowned at HSPI conference
  • IISE Virtual Career Fair Oct. 1 connects workers with work
  • New option allows you to include IISE badges, certificates online
  • Rockwell student simulation deadline is Sept. 30
  • Magazine and former editor cited in business publication’s annual awards
  • Four academic leaders chosen to SME list of young professionals
  • Ergo Cup entry deadline is Oct. 25 for competition at 2020 AEC in Louisville
  • CHAPTER CHECK-INS: Faces and places of IISE

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