Clean power grid successes, lessons for ISEs in energy

Hydropower can supplement renewable sources but comes with drawbacks
By Alaa Kafafi

ISE and supply chains for human needs

Process improvement tools can help serve nutrition, healthcare needs
By Chen Zhou

A forgotten tool for hypothesis testing: Tukey’s End-Count Test

Statistical process calculates confidence level for performance measurement
By Merwan Mehta

Engineering, education in the age of AI

A broader scope of learning needed to develop future problem-solvers
By Joseph Byrum


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • UK researchers build 3D-printed medicine that releases drugs on schedule
  • Alpha Pi Mu grants scholarships to 9 IE students
  • Most parents like telehealth visits for kids
  • Google’s revamped campus adjusts modern workspace to changing needs
  • How work can be a game in supply chain
  • Analyzing touch-screen patterns can lead to personalized solutions
  • Book of the month: Lean Six Sigma in Higher Education: A Practical Guide for Continuous Improvement Professionals in Higher Education


Performance by Kevin McManus

What’s your PI tax rate?

Management by Paul Engle

Is just in time production dead?

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Control towers integrate digital supply networks

Manufacturing by Shahrukh A. Irani

‘FLean:’ A flexible Lean production system


This month in IISE news ...

  • Annual Conference shines light on keynote gems and a world of solutions
  • Annual Conference competition, scholarship awards
  • IISE leaders join Missouri Girl Scouts for virtual educational session
  • Cal-Berkeley student team earns top prize in IISE-IAB competition
  • Data analytics expert Pyrcz to speak at Lean Six Sigma event in Atlanta

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