Ergo Moneyball

Moneyball tactics can breed successful workplace interventions without breaking the bank
By Davana Pilczuk 

Feeling the need for speedy distribution

Rising rents, e-commerce explosion and opening of international markets put industrial engineers to the task
By Marvin Logan and Thomas R. Cutler 

The fourth Industrial Revolution

Holodeck rooms and connected technology will improve product design, training, quality inspections – and most everything else
By Philippe Bartissol 

The 5 P's of process excellence

Putting processes last on the list can be a better bet for continuous improvement
By Merwan B. Mehta 


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • Employment and production are up, no matter what politicians say
  • Two-step process could form replacement for glass, plastic
  • Hand-washing compliance plummeted after initial gains, researchers find
  • Study shows online reviews hit key details that HCAHPS patient survey misses
  • Study noteworthy for industries with a high rate of innovation
  • In between 'wasting' time, social media prepares users for the real world
  • Technology, consumer acceptance could fuel boom in biometric payments
  • Book of the month: The Science of Common Sense: Best Practical Decision Science Methods by Frank A. Tillman and Deandra T. Cassone


Performance by Kevin McManus

Blind-sided by our timelines of change

Management by Paul Engle

Picking the leaders of the future

Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

Mapping the experience for patients

Supply Chain by James A. Tompkins

Consumer expectations for holiday 2016


This month in IISE news

The July issue includes a list of award recipients recognized at the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2016 in Anaheim, California, the first details about the IISE's Best Practices in Managing Work Standards set for October, a former IIE president's "50-year plan" with the Institute, the abstract deadline for the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2017 and a check-in with IISE's Greater Kansas City professional chapter.

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March 2023 issue

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