A return to the moon and beyond

ISEs are at the forefront as NASA gears up for Artemis program
By Keith Albertson and David Brandt

Supply chain myths – and why Lean was not the culprit

Concepts blamed by some during pandemic actually led to solutions
By Bublu Thakur-Weigold

The benefits of advanced planning and scheduling systems

Integrating software can improve manufacturing, supply chain processes
By Steve Greene

Achieving breakthrough next level outcomes: The case for Lean Six Sigma

Methodical approach toward improvement is best strategy to achieve value
By Casey Bedgood

IISE International – The Institute spans the globe

Solving complex problems without borders, industrial and systems engineers unite through IISE
By Don Greene


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • A waste-free Atlantis earns Future City honors
  • NFL uses AI modeling to predict head injuries
  • Green to green: Biorefinery turns algae to fuel
  • Ports take to the air to boost operations
  • U.S. military deploys serving device at air force base, with more to follow
  • ‘Dandelion’ sensors ride the wind to gather data
  • Book of the month: Elucidate: The Way Out of Complex Problems


Performance by Kevin McManus

Getting back to the future

Management by Steve Snelling

Defining an initial problem

Health Systems by Valerie Boelman

Inventory management is a team effort

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

Combining data may result in the wrong conclusion


This month in IISE news ...

  • Go Northwest, young ISEs: Annual awaits
  • Experts, attendees connect at Orlando ergo event
  • Watts elected president-elect of ergo society
  • TRAINING TIME: See details about upcoming IISE courses


June 2024 issue

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