AI technology changing the future by enabling Manufacturing 4.0

Digital transformation’s intelligent workflow can enhance industrial innovation
By Ben Amaba, Valerie Clark, Dawn Cross and Mike McMahon

AI engineering solutions from the garden

How Turing's explorations of sunflowers helped inspire artificial intelligence
By Joseph Byrum

Measuring motivational factors that affect work performance

IRA Index can offer insight on ways to boost employee satisfaction, well-being
By Adam Cywar

Bringing industry examples to the classroom

Universities can leverage professional expertise to teach upper-level courses
By Dave Hampton and Karla Carichner


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Website uses AI to link Civil War faces, names
  • Devices can turn a thought into action
  • Robot snakes slithering on a 2D plane
  • A healthy snack to battle a common ailment
  • Reducing fashion fakery through blockchain
  • Book of the month: Competing in the Age of AI


Performance by Kevin McManus

Minutes that matter

Management by Paul Engle

AI: Should we be excited or terrified?

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Guiding customers on a digital journey

Career Enhancement by Lauren Schroedter

Computer-based PE exam coming this fall

Inside IISE with Don Greene

Step up your career 'connection factor'


This month in IISE news ...

  • Volunteers can pitch in on Annual projects
  • Nominations due May 7 for leadership elections
  • Attendees fill up on knowledge, fun in Savannah
  • Shapiro, Meller chosen for NAE honors
  • IM helps you fine-tune your workplace
  • Students gather at regional conferences
  • Chapter Check-Ins: Faces and places of IISE

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