Making work and the world a better place

Lean Six Sigma principles applied to the work of humanitarian agencies can make efforts to overcome life’s challenges more effective.
By Andrew Parris

The final step toward quality in additive manufacturing

Additive 3D printing technology can change manufacturing, but still needs ISEs to smooth out the kinks.
By Prahalada Rao

Smart manufacturing builds opportunities for ISEs

As machines communicate in Industry 4.0, systems engineers are vital to the process.
By Thorsten Wuest

Writing a technical paper in ISE: A network perspective

Know your audience, then outline both problems and solutions in a logical way.
By J. MacGregor Smith


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Loop shopping platform aims to reduce waste through reusable containers
  • Opinions vary on plus or minus impact of additive manufacturing on shipping
  • Ford, other companies join in effort for transparency in mineral’s extraction
  • Study shows collaborative video games could increase office productivity
  • Canadian officials, IE professor seek to solve overly long hospital offload times
  • Easing obstacles can help southpaw employees stay effective, safe
  • Professor’s tool to help cities rebound when disasters make roads impassable
  • Book of the month: Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work


Performance by Kevin McManus

Finding the cure for complacency

Management by Paul Engle

Tips for successful interviews, hiring

Health Systems by Peter Woodbridge

Discrete event simulation in healthcare

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

The emergence of 'new retail'

Member Forum by Diana Berry

Applying ISE's BoK to supply chain management


This month in IISE news ...

  • Q&A shares thoughts from Toronto consulting exec who assumed office April 1
  • New professional group forms in Great Lakes Region with 21 members
  • HSPI gathers leaders, innovators to share best practices in care, systems
  • Save on Annual Conference fees by signing up before April 8
  • Chinese middle school’s model cited for Excellence in System Integration
  • International group lists Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors

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