Leveraging technology to improve ergonomics assessments

It’s vital to select the right tools to measure, solve specific issues
By Kent Hatcher and Emily Barnes

Exoskeletons and ergonomics: Past, present and future

Use of wearable devices to ease work strains has a long history
By Matthew Marino

Ergonomic engineering solutions for airport baggage handling

Evaluating equipment, processes to reduce strain, injuries
By Ben Zavitz and Ming-Lun Lu

ISE undergrads learn the ropes

Internships help students settle on their career paths
By Madeleine Pollack, Annie Dorsey and Ana Sofía Cavallo


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Cracking the exoskeleton quandary
  • Texas A&M research study shows possible benefits of cranial stimulation
  • Arizona team’s device provides real-time data on healing, health
  • Pacific ports seek zero-carbon ships by 2030
  • Italian researchers work on humanoid device for disaster response
  • Technology to help flip your burger faster
  • Remote forklifts may fill logistics labor gap
  • Book of the month: Handbook of Standards and Guidelines in Human Factors and Ergonomics


Performance by Kevin McManus

Cherish your work family

Management by Carl Kirpes

Cleansweep creates productivity in the year ahead

Career Enhancement by Caitlin Kenney

A PE path for academics


This month in IISE news ...

  • Schedule is set for Applied Ergonomics Conference March 21-24
  • Boeing exec to discuss aero tech at Annual
  • HSPI gathers healthcare experts for first in-person event since 2020
  • IISE elects new leaders for 2022
  • YouTube video entries due March 18


June 2024 issue

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