Change leadership for healthcare’s disruptions

Strategies to manage caregiver burnout, stress, fatigue, turnover
By Jeff Bean, Shay Bergmann, Jann Gao, Bethlyn Gerard, Wyatt Hockmeyer, Adam McKillop, Matt Vogl and Colin West

Determining the causes of surgical teams’ burnout

Study uses a systems analysis approach to identify factors
By Viola Goodacre, Elizabeth Kwong, Chao Chin Liu, Karthik Adapa and Lukasz Mazur

Improving, sustaining access to health services

Process improvement journey boosts a hospital’s patient outcomes
By Casey Bedgood

Resilience and rebound: A look back at 2022

Top stories from a newsworthy year


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • A new way to detect a deadly cancer earlier
  • Robotic pickers keep the packages moving
  • Give your brain a break to boost learning
  • ‘Creating the Future’ is theme of EWeek
  • Top healthcare trends for 2023
  • Virtual reality game targets ADHD in children
  • ISE faculty part of nuclear fusion ‘moonshot’
  • Orlando sets up digital twin to aid planning
  • Book of the month: Hacking Healthcare: How AI and the Intelligence Revolution Will Reboot an Ailing System


Performance by Kevin McManus

Shaking snow globes, tilting windmills

Management by Steve Snelling

A case study for starting a new project

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

Another step toward climate action

Body of Knowledge by David Claudio and Jon Boyer

Applying BoK to high reliability healthcare


This month in IISE news ...

  • Get intensive on healthcare innovation at HSPI
  • Pitch an ISE career in images and earn $1K
  • From fledgling to president: The impact of serving
  • Sign up now and save for Applied Ergonomics Conference March 27-30
  • Stay close to the action at Annual in the Big Easy
  • Service innovation ideas can earn Annual prize
  • IISE student chapters join Mexico conference
  • Faces and places of IISE


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