Healthcare’s pivot to the leadership of tomorrow

Organizations putting consumers first in move from traditional to transformational
By Casey Bedgood

AI in healthcare: Improving human interface for patient safety

Better standards needed to make artificial intelligence user-friendly for clinicians
By Avishek Choudhury

Home healthcare’s AI-enabled future

Future digital assistants, wearables will monitor, assess and encourage patients
By Laura Czuba

Measuring problem-solving skills with virtual reality

Not all lean tools are suited to work in a make-to-order job shop
By Faisal Aqlan, Lisa Jo Elliott and Richard Zhao

Carbon capture and storage: A feasible way to achieve climate goals

New technology can help reduce greenhouse emissions from manufacturing
By Alaa Kafafi


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Michigan Medicine’s ICU adjacent to emergency proven to save lives
  • Patients can read clinicians’ belief in treatment and it affects the outcome
  • Research team working to keep ‘smart’ cars safe from hackers
  • Lightweight robotic outfit designed to enhance mobility for seniors
  • Robots-as-a-service can boost automation with less cost, shorter turnaround
  • Book of the month: Healthcare Affordability


Performance by Kevin McManus

Watching my measurement madness

Management by Paul Engle

Contrasting leaders and managers

Health Systems by Peter Woodbridge

Addressing wicked problems in patient care

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

Takeaways from a systems thinking colloquium

Career Enchancement by Caitlin Kenney

A PE can set your resume apart


This month in IISE news ...

  • Annual Conference pre-conference workshops push the hot buttons
  • One-day AI symposium March 31 to focus on technology and its uses
  • Schedule set for HSPI conference Feb. 26-28 in Savannah
  • Ergonomics experts to gather March 16-19 in Louisville
  • Experienced editor to lead IISE health journal
  • First 2020 issue of Industrial Management offers varied menu
  • UPS grant to support women, minority outreach
  • Canadian IISE members cited for career efforts
  • CHAPTER CHECK-INS: Faces and places of IISE

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