Six Sigma sticks patients less

Black belt project improved emergency department’s processes for drawing blood
By Paul Barkley  

Lean can create peak service experiences

Toyota principles easily migrate from manufacturing into other business paradigms
By Karyn Ross 

The missing link to strategic planning

Meeting methodology lines up performance management with execution
By Bruce Hodes 

Succession planning lures skilled labor

For manufacturing, current recruiting and retention strategies are not enough
By Jerry Townsend  


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Black box brings surgery expertise to light
  • Automated chauffeurs taking it to the air
  • Robots exploding into warehousing
  • Boss ‘phone snubs’ turn off employees
  • Volumetric 3-D printing promises nearly instant builds
  • Teamwork and friendship mix well
  • More plastic please
  • How to sift through healthcare data
  • Digital twin aims to insure satellite success
  • Self-adjusting road divider could ease traffic woes
  • Tag! Your doctor has your vitals
  • Digital twin aims to insure satellite success
  • Book of the month: Healthcare Analytics: From Data to Knowledge to Healthcare Improvement


Performance by Kevin McManus

Missing the goal-setting goal

Management by Paul Engle

IoT is coming, and soon

Health Systems by Peter Woodbridge

Through Alice's looking glass

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

The perils of a new product's supply chain

Systems engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

The systems Columbus had to navigate


This month in IISE news

The February issue includes a a preview of what the Applied Ergonomics Conference in March has to offer ; An SHS volunteer snapshot with Rudy Santacroce, vice president of operational excellence at CallisonRTKL; Opportunities offered at the upcoming Health Systems Process Improvement Conference and an overview of the 2018 Annual Conference keynote speakers.


September 2023 issue

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