IISE in 2023: 75 years and counting

#IISE75 – Blazing a trail of champions from 1948 forward
By Don Greene

How business leaders can follow Martin Luther King's example

Civil rights leader's qualities can translate to success in all ventures
By Mostafa Sayyadi, Michael J. Provitera and Holly Latty-Mann

Adapting service climate to meet employee, customer needs

COVID-19 has reshaped customer expectations, perceptions and behaviors
By Ellen Eun Kyoo Kim and Jungmin (Jamie) Seo

Observation: A primary ISE method to improve processes

Seeing problems clearly is the first step toward finding solutions
By William E. Hammer Jr.

Ohio club connects generations of problem-solvers

Recent efforts, IISE ties reignite legacy of Engineers Club of Dayton
By Kara Combs


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Purdue IEs pursue autonomous transit access
  • Sensor technology offers hand-to-eye cures
  • California teen chosen Top Young Scientist
  • Supply chain firms have tankers churning the seas to meet high demand
  • Proposed ‘terayacht’ floating city would travel ocean under solar power
  • Edible aircraft wings could deliver life-saving nutrition in an emergency
  • Many companies plan office return in '23
  • Book of the month: Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership


Performance by Kevin McManus

Location, location, location

Management by Cynthia J. Young

Insist on quality sponsorship

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

It’s 2023, not 1177 B.C.


This month in IISE news ...

  • You can visit UPS's massive Worldport at HSPI
  • UPS offers donation for Annual honors
  • Ergo space, safety experts set for AEC
  • A return to campus: University conferences are back
  • Data science expert joins Annual lineup
  • Show off your solutions in IISE Cup competition
  • CISE's Michigan visit includes energy, VR, robotics
  • Cast your ballot by Jan. 27 in IISE elections


June 2024 issue

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