Today’s business world looks to Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma as key strategies toward solutions to complex problems. Courses are available at each level from the introductory yellow belt all the way through to the master black belt. Each course includes the option to earn the corresponding IISE certification.

Lean Six Sigma Belts

IISE Lean Six Sigma Belt holders are recognized worldwide as leading continuous improvement practitioners. Choose the right Belt program for you from the table below and earn your certificate in one of our outstanding online on-demand courses.

Lean Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma
YELLOW BELT Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
GREEN BELT Lean Green Belt Six Sigma Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
BLACK BELT Lean Black Belt Six Sigma Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
MASTER BLACK BELT Lean Master Black Belt Six Sigma Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

IISE is proud to offer three curricula:

  • Lean – Lean focuses on improvement tools with a goal of meeting customer expectations and eliminating waste (improving efficiency).
  • Six Sigma – Six Sigma focuses on rigorous data analytics and statistical tools to improve quality by minimizing process variability.
  • Lean Six Sigma – Integrated Lean Six Sigma covers both topics.

Each curriculum is offered at four belt levels:

  • Yellow Belt – Yellow Belt courses are intended for those who are brand new to Lean and Six Sigma and will be working primarily on the front lines of improvement.
  • Green Belt – Green Belt courses are intended for those who will be leading improvement efforts and go more in-depth than just the basics.
  • Black Belt – Black Belt courses are intended for those who have experience in improvement and will be leading multiple projects and mentoring Green Belts.
  • Master Black Belt – Master Black Belt is the highest level of recognition a Lean Six Sigma practitioner can attain. Master Black Belts have completed a significant number of process improvement projects and serve as a mentor, coach, and teacher for other practitioners.

Lean Six Sigma Short Courses, Key Concepts, & Activities

If you’re new to Lean Six Sigma and want to focus on some key concepts or already hold a belt, but want a refresher, try one of these great online on-demand courses.

Lean Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma

Kaizen Leader

Lean IT Essentials for Leaders and Teams

Lean Method Accelerator

Process Mapping

Voice of the Customer

Charting Process Behavior

Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing

Measurement & Basic Statistics

Root Cause Analysis

Sigma Brew Simulation Lean Six Sigma Activity

St. Sigma Hospital System Simulation Lean Six Sigma Activity