Corporate Training 

Corporate Training

Custom Corporate Training to Advance Productivity and your Bottom Line

IISE has significantly advanced business goals for companies of all sizes and sectors through our highly regarded corporate training programs. We are experts at creating training solutions that drive impactful organizational change.

IISE corporate training is your key to productivity success. Here's why:

We offer corporate training options that work for you. 

  • All of our classroom topics , including Lean and Six Sigma , can be integrated into fully customized corporate training packages to efficiently deliver the cost-effective solutions you need.
  • We tailor our training to your corporate objectives, taking into consideration your company’s culture and values, as well as your team members’ needs and strengths.
  • Our instructors are experts in applying the industrial engineering principles and practices they teach, and create dynamic, interactive and productive learning environments.
  • We are available to come to you for on-site training or you and your employees are welcome to attend your custom classroom sessions at our headquarters in suburban Atlanta, Ga.

We achieve quantifiable results for your business and your employees. 

  • Companies taking IISE's Lean and Six Sigma courses have realized savings at well over $91 million.
  • Over 90% of our trainees pass their Six Sigma exams on the first try.

Our corporate training success stories attest to our ability to achieve real-world impact. 

  • IISE recently worked with a major aerospace manufacturing company to assist with the deployment of what they refer to as program affordability. This is an organization-wide effort to use continuous improvement tools to reduce costs by both improving quality and increasing productivity. Our involvement began with a series of strategic planning initiatives led by the senior vice president responsible for the program. Once the strategy was set and agreed upon by operations and support, the training began. The initial training, a mix of Lean and Six Sigma, was conducted for senior management. This was followed by a cascade through the organizational ranks and included operations, engineering, and all support functions. The effort continues and will potentially be replicated in all of the company’s locations.
  • At an automotive sector manufacturing organization, the engineering/research and development groups led the effort to implement continuous improvement. IISE facilitated strategic planning led by the corporate director of engineering and the vice president of manufacturing. Their goal was to institutionalize the improvement efforts. Once the plan was put into place the organization, i.e., the steering committee, was formed consisting of the top officials in research and manufacturing, as well as each of the plant managers. Under the broad umbrella of Six Sigma, the steering committee received their first black belt training. This was followed by two more groups of senior managers. In order to learn how to apply continuous improvement, each of them is leading an improvement project as part of meeting the requirements for earning a black belt. Plans are now being made to roll out the training within the plants and support organizations.
  • Our efforts at a regional healthcare network resulted in the reduction of patient stays. This led to an increased availability of rooms, lower costs and increased efficiencies.
  • Our training efforts led a major national retailer to reduce inventory costs by $173,000,000 per year. The organization had been managing inventory using a just-in-case philosophy, i.e., we want the inventory in the store just in case someone needs it. By working with the organization on inventory management principles and incorporating simulation, major savings were realized.

Interested in becoming a partner?

IISE offers a corporate partnership program to maximize your return on investment. As a member of our corporate partnership program, your employees will receive discounts on training, conferences and more. Our corporate training partners include numerous companies in industries spanning aerospace, manufacturing, telecommunications, and entertainment.

Get started now

Let IISE start designing your custom training program now. Please contact James Swisher, P.E., director of continuing education, at (770) 349-1130 or via email at for information on corporate training or Doug Long, director of corporate alliances, at (770) 349-1109 or via email at for information on corporate partnerships.