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November 2012    |    Volume: 44    |    Number: 11

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Work Perfect

The day we strive forPhoto courtesy Michael Psarouthakis 

Alex Bohn

Transformation engineer
Care Logistics
Alpharetta, Ga.

Care Logistics helps hospitals improve and optimize the logistics of patient throughput within the entire scope of their hospital system, moving away from the silos of inconsistent processes that most hospitals have developed between care areas. Care Logistics also offers hospital staffing components and future patient capacity planning.

As a transformation engineer with Care Logistics, I’m responsible for delivering transformation of customer workflow, system configuration, customer education and training documentation to client hospitals. Solutions delivery functions include current state work flow analysis, future state work flow design, customer standard operating procedure development, customer education oversight, application configuration, customer testing and support of go-live events at customer locations. Client acquisition functions include operational discovery audits, competitive analysis, preparation of case studies and marketing support. Client fulfillment functions include ROI determinations and performance measurement.

The most significant IE skills that I use are work flow mapping, project management and standardization of processes throughout all inpatient and service area departments of our client hospitals.

The most rewarding part of my job is using industrial engineering to improve the patient experience in hospitals around the country. I’m taking the technical knowledge that I have gained and using it to improve the quality and efficiency of care of hospitalized patients. The Care Logistics solution is designed not only to improve hospital operations but to give patients an in-depth look at their “care plan."

A perfect day would be spent developing and presenting to hospitals their future-state work flows. It would be improving their operations and allowing them the software and staffing support to work with the rest of the hospital to run as efficiently as possible.

– Interview by David Brandt

David Brandt is the Web managing editor for IIE.