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June 2011    |    Volume: 43    |    Number: 6

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Keeping pace with IIE in the June 2011 issue of Industrial Engineer

Successful competition

Honors and awards winners converge in Reno, Nev.

In many ways, competition drives modern industry and business success.

The same is true with organizations like the Institute of Industrial Engineers, which hands out a number of honors and awards each year. As in years past, the culmination of that competition is IIE’s Honors and Awards Presentation, held this year at the Grand Sierra Resort Hotel in Reno, Nev. This is when, after the competition is over, competitors happily come together to congratulate the winners and find ways to improve themselves and their organizations. After all, continuous learning begets continuous improvement.

The following list reveals this year’s winners. Scholarship, fellowship and competition winners will be featured in the July issue.

Captains of Industry
Edward Fitts, retired from Dopaco
Dean Liollio, PAA Natural Gas Storage

Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award
Jianjun (Jan) Shi, Georgia Institute of Technology

David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award
Russell Meller, University of Arkansas

Medallion Award
David Poirier, The Poirier Group

Tayfur Altiok, Rutgers University
Gerald Evans, University of Louisville
William Ferrell, Clemson University
Sheldon Jacobson, University of Illinois-Urbana
Bernard Jiang, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
Ali Kiran, Kiran Analytics Inc.
James Luxhoj, Rutgers University
Kim LaScola Needy, University of Arkansas
Barry Nelson, Northwestern University
Hoang Pham, Rutgers University
Russell Wooten, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Dr. Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Young IE Award – Education
Oguzhan Alagoz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Outstanding Young IE Award – Industry
Jeffrey Arnold, Accenture

Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award
Steve Snelling, The Boeing Co.

Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award
First Place
Matthew Robbins

Student Award for Excellence
First place
Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh, Lehigh University

IIE/Joint Publishers-of-the-Year
Mark Daskin, University of Michigan, "Service Science"

IIE Transactions Awards
Design and Manufacturing: “Performance Analysis of Tandem Queues with Small Buffers,” M. van Vuuren and Ivo J.B.F. Adan

Operations Engineering and Analysis: “Fully Sequential Selection Procedures with Control Variates,” Shing Chih Tsai and Barry Nelson

Operations Engineering and Analysis Applications: “Sequential Clinical Scheduling with Patient No-shows and General Service Time Distributions,” Santanu Chakraborty, Mark Lawley and Kumar Muthuraman

Quality and Reliability: “Sensor System Reliability Modeling and Analysis for Fault Diagnosis in Multistage Manufacturing Processes,” Qingyu Yang and Yong Chen

Quality and Reliability Applications: “A Reliability Modeling Framework for the Hard Disk Drive Development Process,” Loon Ching Tang, Shao Wei Lam, Quock Y. Ng and Jing Shi Goh

Scheduling and Logistics: “Designing Supply Contracts in Supplier vs. Buyer-driven Channels: The Impact of Leadership, Contract Flexibility and Information Symmetry,” Xingchu Liu and Sila Cetinkaya

Scheduling and Logistics Applications: “Buffer Location and Sizing to Optimize Cost and Quality in Semi-continuous Manufacturing Processes: Methodology and Application,” Kumar Rajaram and Zhili Tian

IERC Best Track Papers Awards
Computer and Information Systems: “Service Composition Using Dynamic Programming and Concept Service (CS) Network,” Liying Cui, Soundar Kumara and Tao Yao

Engineering Economy: “Modular Design to Optimize Product Life Cycle Metrics in a Closed-looped Supply Chain,” Wu-Hsun Chung, Gul Okudan and Richard Wysk

Engineering Education: “An Investigation of Self-efficacy and Attitudes Using a Role-playing Simulation,” Juthamas Choomlucksana and Toni Doolen

Engineering Management: “Improving Product Development through Front-loading and Enhanced Iteration Management,” Cecilia Martinez Leon, Jennifer Farris and Geert Letens

Facility Logistics: “Improving Throughput Capacity in Multi-tier Warehouses with Autonomous Vehicles,” Ananth Krishnamurthy and Debjit Roy

Homeland Security: “A Review of Risk Assessment Models for Inland Waterway Transportation,” Jingjing Tong and Heather Nachtmann

Modeling and Simulation: “Integrating Simulation and Optimization for Wind Farm Operations Under Stochastic Conditions,” Eunshin Byon and Yu Ding

Operations Research: “Optimizing Exclusivity Agreements in a Three-stage Procurement Game,” Mike Prince, Joseph Geunes and Cole Smith

Golomski Award
“Spare Part Inventory Control Driven by Condition Based Maintenance,” Haitao Liao and Mitchell Rausch

SEMS Management Award
Kevin McManus, Great Systems
Russell Wooten, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Wellington Award
Jerome Lavelle, North Carolina State University

Precious medals

Five chapters land prestigious gold award

IIE's top honors went to five chapters that earned gold awards in the 2010 Professional Chapter Recognition competition. To earn a gold award, chapters must do an outstanding job of providing content for their members and their communities. Examples include monthly meetings, plant tours and other activities that go above and beyond what chapters normally do for the profession and their area. Five more chapters earned silver awards, while six others earned bronze awards.

The winning chapters and their presidents during 2010 are:

Greater Detroit, Jeff VandenBoom
Greater Kansas City, Jennifer A. Hedberg
South Jersey Delaware Valley, Joseph Polidoro
National Capital (D.C.), Russell Wooten
Pittsburgh, Mike Lalle

Dallas-Fort Worth, William D. Ferguson
IIE Costa Rica, Diógenes Alvarez Solórzano
Los Angeles, Theodore K. Mayeshiba
Twin Cities, Minn., Dan Thury
Wichita, Kan., Shawn E. Chase

Central Connecticut, Dan Isherwood
Chicago, Thomas F. Barnstable
Long Island, N.Y., Thomas G. Fiorella
Nashville, Tenn., Rebecca L. George
Rochester, N.Y., John T. Kaemmerlen III
Upstate South Carolina, Jonathan W. Morgan

The Columbus, Ohio, chapter was the most improved, and the chapter in Nashville, Tenn., won the Phoenix Award.

Platinum-plated victories

Seven chapters take home newsletter awards

Seven chapters were honored by IIE's 2010 newsletter competition, including three that took home the top platinum award.
The winners, along with the newsletter editors, are:

Twin Cities, Minn., Jenna Weiland
Greater Kansas City, Anita Ranhotra
South Jersey Delaware Valley, Thomas T. Fung

Pittsburgh, Ron Coperich
Long Island, Thomas G. Fiorella

National Capital (D.C.), Martin Franklin
Central Connecticut, Brian Nathanson

An information upload for patients

Kansas middle school wins systems integration award at Future City competition

In the span of a few months, four students from California Trail Middle School went from “Oh my” to IIE’s Excellence in Systems Integration Award. 

The award was presented for the National Engineers Week Future City competition, which lets sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders design their visions of a city of tomorrow, complete with a balanced budget, waste treatment plan, economy, sustainability and other requirements. This year, the students had to include solutions to support healthy living, wellness programs and increase the number of people seeking necessary medical treatment.

At first, the medical aspect seemed, well, different, said Michele Brown, the teacher who led the team with their engineering mentor Paul Spears.

“However, there’s so much technology in medicine nowadays that it made more sense as time went on and the kids did more and more research on the topic,” Brown said. “But when we first heard about it we kind of went: ‘Oh my. How do you create a city with that in mind?’”

The four eighth-graders, Cooper Yerby, David Nelson, Mark Vrablic and Reed Boohar, created Health Management Appliances, or HeMAs, for people to wear on their wrists. The HeMA monitored vital signs, including those related to specific medical conditions, such as blood sugar for diabetics.

Patients could visit a special HeMA clinic to download medical information at a kiosk. The information, stored on a cloud imaging system called the Satellite Archive Terminal, would go to your doctor and your storage device. Doctors then could take appropriate actions without requiring a patient visit.

Of course, patients also could visit regular clinics, where a person on site would evaluate information from the HeMA, give assistance and perhaps dispense medication.

The youngsters from Olathe, Kan., were excited to visit Washington, D.C., during National Engineers Week in February and were honored to win the award, Brown said.

“They wanted to win an award that meant something,” Brown said. “They knew that we haven’t done this for all that long, so they probably weren’t going to be in the top five.”

The team received a lot of positive feedback, Brown said. One biomedical engineer who visited the boys said he has graduate students who don’t do work as well as theirs, she said.

“So that was probably the greatest compliment that I remember we’d gotten,” Brown said.

The victory, excitement and good reviews have Brown sure that the school, which is in a suburb of Kansas City, will compete again next year.

Engineers Week goes to college

Foundation to honor undergraduate students

The National Engineers Week Foundation is broadening its annual honors program to spotlight top engineering students, the foundation announced.

For eight years, the organization’s New Faces of Engineering program has honored promising young professionals affiliated with various engineering associations, including the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

The New Faces of Engineering: College Edition will recognize the achievements of third-, fourth- and fifth-year engineering students, also providing a forum on Facebook where students can communicate with the Foundation throughout the year. The Facebook page also will detail academic and professional development opportunities available from the National Engineers Week Foundation’s engineering association, university and corporate partners. Students can meet with their engineering peers and learn about events, internships, jobs, competitions, engineering associations and more.

Applications for the College Edition will be available Aug. 15. It will require the student’s photo (JPG format), list of accomplishments and a short essay. The submission deadline is Oct. 7, and finalists are announced on Oct. 28. IIE applicants must be IIE members.

Let’s go to the video

Offerings added to magazine, GOErgo website

So videotape is passé, and it’s all about multimedia. Whatever you wish to call it, viewing options have been added to the new Industrial Engineer magazine and GOErgo websites.

IE Managing Editor Michael Hughes traveled to Georgia Tech’s campus in March to interview the three co-directors of the university’s Center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics.

The center works to bring IEs and their tools to long-neglected areas, such as the supply chains and management of nongovernmental organizations that respond to tragedies and disasters. Its outreach, education and research include a yearly conference dedicated to humanitarian logistics.

To see the video, visit and scroll down to the multimedia section.

At the 14th annual Applied Ergonomics Conference, Sandra Woolley stepped behind the camera to meet with and greet conference attendees. Woolley, incoming committee chair for the conference, interviewed people who were enthusiastic about the annual event and the Ergo Cup presentation.

To see Woolley’s efforts, go to