How the intelligent enterprise will drive innovation

The intelligent enterprise takes advantage of the symbiosis of man and machine by designing AI systems from the ground up. Read more in the April issue of ISE.

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  • IISE welcomes Apple CEO to Annual Conference May 22-25

    “It’s an honor to receive this award [Captains of Industry] from IISE, and I’m looking forward to joining many leaders, visionaries and friends at this year’s virtual conference,” said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. “My Auburn degree in industrial engineering helped to prepare me for everything my career had in store for me, and it is especially meaningful to be nominated by Auburn Professor Alice Smith.”

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  • 3D printing to be a game changer in manufacturing

    “It’s only a matter of time before 3D printing makes the leap from prototyping to manufacturing on the factory floor. And this leap will happen a lot sooner than most people think.”

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  • 3D-printed graphene aerogels for water treatment

    Study shows how to make stable and large aerogels that remove heavy metals, organic solvents, organic dyes.

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  • Improve processes through subtraction? Why we overlook removal as a solution.

    “It’s an incredibly interesting finding, and I think our research has tremendous implications across contexts, but especially in engineering to improve how we design technology to benefit humanity,” said Leidy Klotz, Copenhaver Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment at UVA.

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ISE magazine: 'Building an AI-human connection'

In the April 2021 issue of ISE magazine, author Joseph Byrum discusses how the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow can drive innovation by combining the strengths of AI technology with the nuanced decision-making of humans. This issue also includes a profile of healthcare performance improvement expert Wyatt Hockmeyer, who completed a 46-mile long distance run to honor hospital caregivers in Oklahoma. Click here to read the full April issue of ISE magazine online.

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