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Four industrial engineers explain how earning your professional engineering license can trigger positive results in this feature from the December issue of ISE magazine.

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IE major at ITESM–Queretaro in Mexico, Bautista received IISE’s Dwight D. Gardner Scholarship. You can help change lives: Donate to the IISE Scholarship Fund.



  • How 3D printers are transforming flying

    Top aerospace firms are increasing their use of 3D printers to speed up the manufacturing process.

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  • The fate of self-driving cars hangs on a $7 trillion design problem

    It's almost an afterthought to consider that the automobile industry itself will change, as people may no longer buy cars at all.

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  • Mindfulness in times of distraction

    If you're working brutal hours and sacrificing your well-being just to stay afloat, Junya Ogino wants you to pay attention.

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Inspiring Future ISEs - Winning Video

Enjoy and share the top-finishing video “Only the wISE, will rISE” in IISE's Industry Advisory Board (IAB) 2018 YouTube Video Contest. ITESM Campus Querétaro (Mexico) won the $1,000 prize. Read more about the video and its director Roberto Gutiérrez on page 60 of the May ISE magazine. Winners also included University of Jordan for the $500 prize and Oregon State University for the $300 prize.

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