Annual keynote speakers hail from academia and public service

Presenters at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo, May 18-21 in Orlando, reflect some of the best in IE management and education. Register by April 8 for max savings! #IISEAnnual2019

AES and UL team up for specialist certificate

Ergo leaders can't be everywhere, but through this five-session, online suite, their expertise can. Click on the image above to learn more about this new program.

Making work and the world a better place

Applying lean Six Sigma principles to humanitarian efforts helps others overcome life's challenges. Read more in the April issue of ISE magazine.

Must-attend events in 2019

Critical learning for industrial and systems engineers. Meet your peers, exchange ideas, go to expert presentations at #AppliedErgo2019; #IISEAnnual2019; and #ELSS2019.


  • Manufacturing enters new era

    Manufacturing faces unprecedented change - transitioning from industrial age to information age.

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  • The supply chain economy and the future of good jobs in America

    “Our new categorization of U.S. industries has revealed a large and dynamic supply chain economy.”

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  • New approaches to design & manufacturing could save airlines millions

    Generative design technology and hybrid manufacturing could save airlines millions of dollars and cut carbon emissions.

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  • Exoskeleton technology is getting a trial run at Boeing to make workers’ jobs less strenuous

    Boeing is testing a device that could alleviate some of the stress and strain.

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Partnership pays off in research results

IISE’s Michael Hughes interviews Clemson University’s Acting Provost for Academic Initiatives J. Cole Smith. Smith explained that Clemson’s IISE University Partnership helps professors connect with like-minded researchers, improving their results. Click here to learn more about IISE Corporate and University Partnerships.

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