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Member Spotlight - ISEs on the move and making a difference

Click on the image above for details on IISE member Edmond Palanda from Kyambogo University in Uganda.

Restarting companies and the economy

The historic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a fresh set of disruptive challenges. The supply chain infrastructure must be in place to restart business operations, according to Jim Tompkins in the July issue of ISE .

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  • Chocolate chips that ‘melt at the right rate’

    IE Remy Labesque, Tesla, has re-engineered the chocolate chip.

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  • Take 5 with Angie Jackman, NASA

    IE talks about how the Mars-Ascent Vehicle team is “one small piece of a very large mission.”

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  • Improving indoor air quality in restaurants

    “Design (or redesign) your kitchen and your entire restaurant with ergonomics in mind. ... An ergonomic restaurant layout can contribute to better indoor air quality.”

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  • New smart app embedded with AI

    AVEVA smart app provides industrial businesses with an accelerated path toward implementing AI in the control room or on the plant floor.

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IISE 2020 IAB YouTube Video Contest Winner: What are you waiting for?

Women are “natural problem-solvers, innovative thinkers and dedicated professionals,” as stated in a student video from a University of Miami team that won top prize in the 2020 Industry Advisory Board YouTube Video Contest. Watch the 1st place video above to learn more and read the June issue of ISE magazine online, which focuses on the roles and experiences of women in STEM. And don't forget - Women in Engineering Day is June 23.

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