Pre-conference Workshops — Feb. 15

YouTube: #HSPI2023 Pre-Conference Workshop Overview

Enjoy this preview of each #HSPI2023 pre-conference workshop in this webinar! Each workshop leader will give a brief overview of what to expect, how to prepare and the type of activities planned.

Workshops Preview

Morning Sessions (8 a.m. — 12 p.m.)

How to Teach Lean Tools Effectively in a Healthcare Setting v3.0

Keith Poole

Presenter: Keith Poole, Leadership Advisor, Khrusallis LLC

Building upon well-received and highly rated workshops from prior years at HSPI, we now offer a concise ‘best of’ half-day workshop that turns attendees into effective teachers of Lean tools, with specific skills and techniques for educating healthcare audiences at all levels in the organization.

Basic and advanced Lean tools will be introduced, with less emphasis on the tools themselves and more emphasis on how to teach these tools effectively to a healthcare audience. Lean tools covered include: 5S, Waste Identification, Operational Definitions, Kanban, Pull Systems, Changeover Time Reduction, Visual Management, Kaizen Event Planning and Facilitation, Managing for Daily Improvement with Gemba and Kaizen Huddles, Lean Leadership, Policy Deployment, and Lean Culture Change.

Participants will be provided with train-the-trainer education and materials to allow them to bring back and conduct at their facility an assortment of practical exercises shown in the workshop. Participants will gain an understanding of healthcare learning styles and the need for creative application of Lean tools in the healthcare delivery setting – and about how to meet that need by adapting exercises for use at their own facility.

Workshop topics

  • Provide specific examples of applying Lean tools creatively in a healthcare setting.
  • Demonstrate ways to introduce basic Lean tools to clinical audiences.
  • Describe skills to address the particular needs of clinical audiences including employees, leadership and Physicians as Lean trainees.

Afternoon Sessions (12:30 — 4:30 p.m.)

Mentorship as a Career Development Tool

Stacy CassioPresenter: Stacy Cassio, Founder/CEO of Pink Mentor Network

Throw out everything you thought you knew about mentorship & sponsorship! It's time for a fresh, action-packed approach to finding mentorship, and inventorying social & career capital to serve a stronger industry leader.

This event is for all leaders who need greater mentorship, but are unsure of the first steps to finding it. Join us for an engaging session where you will receive the framework needed to find the mentorship needed for greater legacy & professional fulfillment. This will be a powerful workshop you don’t want to miss!

Workshop topics

  • Understand the differences between mentorship & sponsorship.
  • Explore six times in our careers when sponsorship is important.
  • Discover how sponsorship is key to creating diverse talent & leadership development strategies.
  • Perform a social & career capital inventory to develop a custom sponsorship plan of action.

Building a Sustainable PI Program That Can Survive Long Term

Presenters: Brock Husby, Ph.D., P.E., senior IT Lean practitioner, The Standard; Jerry Berlanga, M.S., systems and engineering management, senior Lean Six Sigma healthcare coach, LSSMBB, KBPI LLC

Brock Husby Jerry Berlanga

This workshop helps participants to understand the drivers behind this anti-pattern and to develop a meaningful plan to (1) ensure the stability of their CPI team and more importantly (2) allow the CPI team continue to deliver the critical improvements that they do for organizational continuous improvement.

Why do most continuous improvement departments go through a life/death cycle of roughly three to five years? From all the initial enthusiasm, there is inevitably a question of “value.” When a financial shock hits the system, the CPI department is often one of the first departments to be eliminated, or significantly downsized.

If the value proposition of a CPI department isn't crystal clear and undeniable from the very beginning, then there is every reason to expect a limited lifecycle. Unless you are resourceful in this balanced approach from the beginning, when the organization starts challenging you to quantify your value, “the writing is on the wall” that the end is near.

Workshop topics

  • How to escape the trap of system “shocks” that often derail (or close) PI departments every 3-5 years
  • Balancing long term cultural change vs tangible results
  • System change vs model lines
  • Bottom up or top down?
  • Leadership engagement and involvement
  • Lean Management Systems vs Kaizen/RIE events
  • Embedded coaches vs enterprise Lean coaches