#HSPI2018 Social Media Tips

While you're attending the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2018 we encourage you to share your thoughts about the conference, comment on speakers and sessions, and bring the topics you discuss during the conference to our online community. This is a great opportunity to learn from others outside of the session rooms and to network with fellow professionals within the industry.

We encourage you to take time to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The content you post - whether it's simply tweets or short posts, photos, and/or video content - will be shared throughout the Society for Health Systems social network and may also appear on the SHS website or in an upcoming issue of ISE magazine.

#HSPI2018 Social Media Ambassadors
This year marks the second year of our social media ambassador program. The purpose of this program is to select leaders in SHS and the healthcare improvement community who will be able to:

  • Shape important dialogues leading up to and after #HSPI2018
  • Connect with our social media outlets to grow our impact through more followership

These tenants are meant to enhance the conference experience for those in person and following online though conversation, reflective questions, and knowledge sharing.

By the end of this year's program we want not only more followers but better relationships formed between our members and with those who share our mission: to improve lives through better healthcare delivery and our values: create a culture of continuous improvement within healthcare organizations.

Here are this year’s social media ambassadors: 

Dr. James Rawson
Chair of Dept. of Radiology and Imaging and Medical College of Georgia
Follow on Twitter @Jim_Rawson_MD

Cody Hall
Performance Engineer at WVU Medicine Camden Clark
Follow on Twitter - @RCodyHall

Danielle Larson-Jaramillo
Senior Management Engineer at Henry Ford Health System
Follow on LinkedIn via the SHS LinkedIn Group

Isaac Mitchell
Follow on Twitter at @IsaacMitchell and on LinkedIn via the SHS LinkedIn Group

Dr. Chuck Webster
President at EHR Workflow Inc.
Follow on Twitter @WareFLO

Zola Zalesky
Follow on Instagram @Zola831

SHS Social Media Platforms
We hope you can capture the best highlights of your conference experience with your iPhone, Android, or other smart devices to share with SHS and our online community. We look forward to seeing this annual event through your eyes!

Here are a few suggestions* to be aware of as you participate in social media activity tied to the conference:

Twitter – follow us @SHSInfo

  • Include #HSPI2018 in your tweets.
  • Be sure to join us online at 11:00am – 12:00pm on Friday, February 23rd for a conference themed Healthcare Hangout where @SHSInfo will be posting questions to spark conversation
  • Search for our social media ambassador list “HSPIC 2018 SMA” to follow all of our SMA’s on Twitter
  • You have 280 characters to write with per tweet (including links and tags)
  • If you'd like for SHS to consider retweeting your post, then tag them directly by including @SHSinfo anywhere in the tweet (not necessary to include "please retweet" or "please RT" in the post)


Facebook – Search for “Society for Health Systems (SHS)”

  • Post comments, photos and video on the SHS fan page. Include #HSPI2018 in your post
  • Tag yourself, fellow attendees and the Society for Health Systems in any conference-related posts.


LinkedIn – Search for “Society for Health Systems”

  • Post comments and photos on the SHS Group
  • Like and comment on posts by other conference attendees.
  • Continue your session conversations on LinkedIn during and after the conference weekend.


Instagram – Follow us at Society_for_Health_Systems

  • You must have an image to go along with your post on Instagram
  • Remember to tag @society_for_health_systems and include the tag #HSPI2018 in the comments/captions.


IISE is looking for attendees who may be interested in blogging about their experience for its blog site (http://iiseblogs.org)! If you're interested in writing about your conference experience after it ends, then please email webmaster@iise.org with "Blog about HSPI2018" in the subject line for details.

*SHS and IISE will have the right to omit or delete any social media content that it finds may be objectionable to the community.