Ergo Cup 2006 Winners

New twists on the same Cup
The winners of each category were selected by a panel of 12 judges rather than by all conference attendees. This allowed the judges to spend more time with each Ergo Cup team to really gage their achievements. This also eliminated any possible bias that could result from a popular vote.

The 2006 Competition yielded three Ergo Cup winners in Orlando:

New “Ergo Excellence” Awards
A series of “Ergo Excellence” Awards have been created to reward outstanding achievement by the teams in a number of areas. The winners of these awards were determined by popular vote, ensuring that conference attendees continue to have a role in recognizing the accomplishments of Ergo Cup teams.

The new "Ergo Excellence" awards that were determined by popular vote were as follows:

Take a look at all of the 2006 Finalists


The 2006 Ergo Cup Competition finalists.

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