Frequently Asked Questions: IISE Copyright

Does the copyright release mean that IISE owns information that I or my employer developed?
The copyright release transfers copyright ownership of a specific article (otherwise known as "the work") to IISE, giving it protection under IISE's copyright registration. IISE does not own the ideas or processes described in the article. Authors retain proprietary rights in any process, procedure, or information described in the work. Authors are free to publish other works on the same subject.

Does the copyright release prevent my company from using the article for marketing purposes?
IISE routinely grants permission to authors and their employers to use the published article in a variety of formats for marketing purposes. However, permission must be obtained prior to any such use. Some commercial uses are subject to a fee. Contact

Can I obtain a PDF of my article after publication?
Published articles are the property of IISE. Authors may obtain a link to a PDF of their articles for their personal use, limited internal distribution within their company or educational purposes (for example, posting it on a website), contact Keith Albertson at (770) 349-1110.

Do I get to approve the edited version of my article?
IISE employs professional editors and designers to edit your article and present it graphically. In the course of their work, they may contact you with questions or for clarification. However, due to time constraints, authors do not generally see a copy of the final article until publication.

Editors at IISE do seek approval of direct quotes, statistics, or technical procedures if the original information could be misinterpreted or disputed. Our job is to provide solid, accurate and timely information to our readership from an objective point of view.

Once the article is published, do I get free copies of the magazine?
Upon publication, authors receive two copies via post mail from IISE. Additional copies of the magazine can be purchased singly at $19.50 each from IISE Member and Customer Support or in bulk by contacting

Does IISE provide article reprints upon publication?
Reprints can be purchased in quantities as small as 100 and may be customized with your logo, organization name, and additional information at little or no extra cost. Contact