Process and Policies

The following overview concerns the process for granting IISE awards. Awards granted by IISE chapters, regions, divisions and societies may conform to different processes.

  • Nominations for IISE awards are accepted June through November each year. The appropriate nomination form must be completed and submitted for each award.
  • Nomination packages are reviewed and judged by appointed IISE volunteer committees.
  • Committees’ recommendations are sent to the Board of Trustees for final approval. A three-fourths affirmative vote of the Board is required for an award approval.
  • Award recipients and their nominators are notified in March. Award recipients are invited and encouraged to attend the IISE Annual Conference and Expo to receive the award.
  • Nominators of candidates not selected to receive awards are notified of that decision.
  • Award recipients submit a photograph to IISE headquarters for use in the awards ceremony brochure.
  • Awards are presented at a ceremony at the IISE Annual Conference and Expo in May. Each award recipient is presented with a suitable permanent memorial of the award. Only a select group of awards will be called forward to accept the award on stage. All other winners are recognized and asked to stand.
  • View detailed timeline for deadlines.

Conflict of interest

Members of the IISE Board of Trustees, Honors Steering Committee, and the companies or institutions they represent are ineligible for consideration for any honor or award during their term of office, with the following exceptions: the Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award, the David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award, the IISE/Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year Award, and the IISE Award for Excellence in Productivity Improvement may be given to a member of the IISE Board of Trustees or Honors Steering Committee while in office. At any time this is done, the specific member of the IISE Board of Trustees or Honors Steering Committee will not be permitted to vote nor be advised that he or she is being considered.

Members of the IISE Board of Trustees, the Honors Steering Committee, those involved in processing (such as the director of honors) or any headquarters staff member may not be used as a nominator or reference, with the exception of the Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award as a reference only, for any nominee.

Members of selection committees will abstain from voting on any awards for which they are nominated. Members of selection committees will also abstain from voting on any nominations from the university at which they currently hold a position. A committee member must abstain from consideration of any nominee employed by his or her institution, company, or place of employment.

Additional information

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