Duties and Expectations of the Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisors can make a significant impact on students and organizations. Effective advisors keep in contact with student leaders, counsel them on plans and operations, attend meetings, provide motivation and inspiration, and offer information and general guidance.

The faculty advisor provides continuity to the chapter as officers and members change from year to year ensuring smooth and solid transitions between program years.

The duties of the faculty advisor include:

  • To ensure that the chapter is operated in compliance with the IISE and Chapter's Constitution and Bylaws, as well as all IISE policies.
  • To ensure that officers are elected each year, according to the Bylaws. The advisor should meet with the officers to discuss expectations for roles and responsibilities.
  • To ensure that chapter activities are inclusive for all members.
  • To guide the officers in planning chapter activities.
  • To encourage officers and other chapter members to be active in the chapter.
  • To serve as a professional role model.
  • To serve as liaison between the chapter, the department, IISE headquarters, the community of industrial engineers, neighboring schools and IISE chapters.


  • Advisors must be a professional member of IISE.
  • Attend officers' and chapter meetings/events.
  • Assist the chapter in identifying and seeking financial and program resources from the locale.
  • Attend the University Regional Conference with his/her student chapter.
  • Make every effort to attend the Faculty Advisor Colloquium held in conjunction with the annual conference. The faculty advisor meeting is designed to enhance the advisor's effectiveness by providing opportunity to meet and network with other advisors.
  • The advisor should have a good knowledge of the university's policies governing student clubs as well as the Institute's chapter requirements. Ensure that the student leaders are also aware of the university's policies.

The chapter-advisor relationship is not a one-way street. The student chapter and its officers also have responsibilites. Click here to see the role of a student chapter to the advisor.