Requirements for GOLD Chapter Status

In addition to completing the Chapter Progress and Performance (CPP) Report by March 15, each chapter must have documented results for the following:

  • Hold at least four meetings – physical or virtual (provide approximate dates)
  • Contact members at least once per month (to be provided to HQ only upon request)
  • Student to Professional Conversions
    • University – graduate at least two new YP members
    • Professional – recruit at least two new YP members
  • Identify at least two members who have agreed to serve as a chapter leader / officer during the next year. Please provide their names and email addresses.

NOTE: Since the new minimum requirements were released in January 2020, we realize each chapter has had limited time to ensure each one is met. Therefore, by simply addressing each of these in your report, and explaining what you actually did and how you plan to accomplish these in the future, the minimum requirement will be met.

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award

This award recognizes the dedicated efforts of student chapter advisor who, through his or her work has exemplified above all others IISE's commitment to education, personal, professional and technical development of students in IISE related fields of interest.

Most Innovative Chapter Event

It is important for chapters to continue looking for better ways to engage its members. While proven, traditional methods are reliable, chapter leaders should be pushing innovation where possible. This award recognizes chapter efforts where a new, innovative event was introduced and was successful.

50 Members for Five Years

This award recognizes a chapter for consistently maintaining active membership of at least 50 members for the last five years.

Past Award Winners

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