Strategic Plan Templates

Professional chapters are encouraged to develop strategic plans for both the long term and short term. The purpose of the plan is to communicate the chapter's objectives so that others can contribute to the achievement of those objectives. This is also a great way to share knowledge and best practices.

A high quality strategic plan should contain:

  • Strategic objectives & related action plans (two to five years out).
  • Tactical objectives & related action plans (upcoming year).
  • Chapter Web site, if applicable.

The minimum requirements for a basic strategic plan are:

  • A calendar of key dates.
  • The chapter program schedule for the year.
  • A chapter calendar of key dates and program schedule for the year (chapter activities, HQ deadlines).
  • An assessment of chapter performance relative to the previous year’s plan.

Plans are to be submitted annually to or your region vice president by Oct. 31. These plans should be submitted by the chapter president, president-elect, or jointly and should be sent electronically.

How is the plan scored?

The RVP will provide feedback to the chapter, based on the plan submitted, noting the date the plan was received (this date will be needed when completing the CAR in February). Strategic plans are also scored by the RVPs, based on the method listed below:

  • 1.5 points - Calendar of key dates (local and national) and program schedule
  • 0.5 points - Yes / No: current slate of officers on file with IIE HQ
  • 0.5 points - Succession plan (election procedures)
  • 0.5 points - Financial projections (budget)
  • 1.5 points - Assessment of chapter's performance relative to the previous year's plan (analysis of last year's performance to objectives and performance relative to the objectives
  • 0.5 points - Overall format and quality (plans are feasible and challenging, chapter is working to meet the needs of the membership and using their financial resources accordingly

A high quality submission will have strategic objectives and action plans, as well as tactical objectives and action plans. "Extra" points may be earned for these, with the total being a maximum of 5 points.

University chapter operations plans are due Oct. 31. The plan should define your chapter goals and the strategy to reach those goals.

Sample Basic and Strategic Plans for Professional Chapters

Central Florida Chapter

Huntsville Chapter

National Capital Chapter

Richmond (VA) Chapter

Columbus (OH) Chapter

South Jersey

Dayton (OH) Chapter

Upstate South Carolina 

Greater Kansas City Chapter

Southern Piedmont

Sample Operations Plan for Student Chapters

Universidad del Mayab

Wichita State University

Kansas State University

University of Florida