Requirements for university chapters

The minimum requirements for all university chapters to maintain active status are as follows:

  1. The faculty advisor and all chapter officers must be current members of IISE.
  2. Submit annual IRS e-Postcard (tax filing) and Chapter Financial Report, U.S. chapters only by March 31.
  3. Submit bank statement for period ending March 31, U.S. chapters only by April 1.
    Note: Chapters whose funds are handled by the university (and do not have their own bank account), must annually submit a letter/email in lieu of the bank statement. This letter/email does not substitute for the financial report. It only substitutes for the bank statement.
  4. Submit annual University Chapter Progress and Performance Report (CPP) by March 31.
  5. New policy on submittal of officer slate: Student chapters will only be required to submit one officer slate per year. The deadline will be determined by the date the chapter officers' terms expire. Beginning with the first of August, chapter officers will be notified one month before their slate expires that a new slate is due.
  6. Submit Operations Plan by Oct. 31.
  7. Hold at least one chapter activity (meeting, tour, etc.) per semester/quarter.
  8. Send at least one chapter communication per semester/quarter (flyer, e-mails, meeting announcement).

Chapter Health Designations

  • Green: Chapter meets requirements one through seven and is eligible for any award in the chapter recognition program.
  • Red: Chapter does not meet one or more of requirements one through six. Chapter is ineligible for any award in the chapter recognition program.

Chapter Dues Rebates

  • Your chapter receives 13 percent of dues for every member who joins or renews during the period covered.
  • Checks are issued twice a year.
    • September checks are for January through August activity.
    • January checks are for September through December activity.
  • Only green and yellow chapters are eligible to receive dues checks. Checks for red chapters are withheld until the minimum requirements have been met.
  • Checks will only be held for one pay period.
  • Checks must be deposited within 60 days and will not be reissued after that time period.

International Wire Transfers of Dues Rebate