Chapter Development Fund Guidelines


To support IISE chapter or organizational development focused on promoting membership, recruitment and retention.

Grant Application Form | Example Form

Who may apply?
All chapters and approved supporting organizations which are part of the North American Operations Board (NAOB) may apply. Priority given to Phoenix (chapters that have closed for two or more years and are attempting to restart) and Red chapters. Phoenix and Red chapters must also submit all paperwork necessary for yellow/green status. Yellow chapters may also be favored to receive the grant, if the potential exists to move to green status. To determine the health status of a chapter, please refer to the  requirements of professional chapters. A chapter will not receive more than one grant per rolling calendar year or if a grant recipient has yet not submitted their after action review. The Chapter Development Fund is considered a grant, so repayment is not required. Funds must be requested prior to the event.

Chapter/Organizational president must complete the Grant Application Form linked above. The application must contain information regarding contact information, current chapter membership size, treasury balance (if a bank account is in place), primary goals of the proposal, market study, proposal plan/program description, date of event(s), total funds requested and a description of what activities the chapter has used to promote membership. Submissions which state that the chapter will financially share in the initiative are favored.

Total funds requested should not exceed $1,000 (USD) for professional chapters and $250 (USD) for student chapters and approved NAOB organizations.

Send the completed application to the IISE Membership Administrator of Chapters & Regions , in time for the deadline. Quarterly deadlines are the last business day prior to 1st of February, May, August and November.

Fund Request Policy

Total funds requested should not exceed:

  • Grant funds requested need to demonstrate the gains expected are represented of the funds requested and represent initiatives that will be supportive of the development, promotion and membership growth.
  • General fund use: Professional chapter limit to $1,000. Student Chapter and approved NOAB organization limit to $250. Funding requests are to be used for development activities meant to recruit new members and retain existing members.
  • IISE Regional Conference Hosting use: A maximum of $250 for chapters hosting a regional conference. A  chapter may apply for only one grant per year from either the general fund or the Regional conference fund but not both. Chapter must submit a post conference close out report within 90 days after the conference that includes full ledger with before and after bank statement.
  • Grant applications will not be considered for subsidizing membership fees or registration and travel fees associated with attendance to IISE Conferences.

Review Process

Who reviews the applications?
The Chapter Development Fund Committee, a subset of the NAOB, will review the applications. Applications will be sent to the committee within two weeks following the submission deadline. The committee members will review the submissions and then convene to review and approve or decline applications. If additional information is needed from the chapters, a request will be submitted to the application author and RVP. When the information has been obtained, submissions will again be reviewed and discussed or deferred until the next quarter if necessary. Selection decisions will be made within two months of application receipt.

Review Criteria
Review criteria include plausibility of the proposal to achieve membership growth, size of the expected benefit relative to the funds requested, chapter commitment and history of success in membership initiatives. Although not required, chapter matching funds will be an indicator of commitment.

Review Process
The Chapter Development Fund Committee will review the applications quarterly and select the grant recipients. Recipients will be notified and funds allocated by the end of the quarter.


  • Within 90 days of using the funds, the chapter must submit an after action report to their RVP and the Chapter Development Fund Committee.
  • At a minimum, this report must detail the activities achieved by using the funds, chapter membership before and after the initiative, attendance at events targeted by initiative and number of new members who joined as a result of the initiative.
  • Chapters/Organizations that fail to submit the required report will:
    1. Have their chapter rebates withheld until the grant is paid off or report is submitted.
    2. Be ineligible to participate in any recognition program – newsletter competition, faculty advisor recognition and CAR awards.
    3. The CDF committee will communicate the above actions to the grant requester and RVP.