The Graduate Research Award

Promotes excellence in master’s-level research.


  • IISE members who are candidates for a master's degree in the field of industrial engineering. Students at universities that allow individual engineering design projects in lieu of a thesis may enter the final design project report as a thesis. Each university chapter can submit one thesis from their chapter.
  • The candidate's university must have accepted the thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master's degree in the field of industrial engineering.
  • The thesis must have been accepted within the preceding year (July 1 through June 30) prior to the award nomination deadline.


  • Three awards can be given each year.
  • The award will be judged on excellence in research and presentation of the results.
  • The student may have graduated by the time of the award presentation. The only criterion in this regard is that the candidate must have been a graduate student and a member of IISE during the time the research and preparation of the thesis was in process, and when the thesis was accepted.

Nomination process:

  1. Complete and return the nomination form.
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation from nominee’s faculty advisor.
  3. Obtain a signature from the nominee’s department head or thesis advisor certifying that the award criteria have been met.


A committee for judging the award will be appointed by the Head of CIEADH (Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads). A two-step process will be followed:

  1. The abstracts will first be used in selecting the three finalists. These copies will be returned upon request.
  2. The final decision of the judges will be based on their review of the entire thesis.