The Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award

Recognizes educators who contributed significantly to the profession through teaching, research and publication, extension, innovation, or administration.


IISE members. Members of the IISE Board of Trustees and Honors Steering Committee are ineligible.

Required data

  • Evidence of teaching excellence. Candidates typically should have already been recognized formally from their own academic institution for teaching excellence. At least one formal recognition should have been initiated by the students. Attainment by former students, especially graduate students, is an important index of qualification. Alumni offer a valuable perspective that current students or colleagues cannot give.
  • Describe research accomplishment over an extended period. Research activity need not be sponsored, however, funding from government or industry is one measure of research accomplishment and should be described if applicable. Publication of research results in peer-viewed journals is a second primary criterion.
  • Describe continuing education activity, including development or delivery of off-campus credit courses, seminars, short courses, etc.
  • Describe innovations in teaching or learning. It is expected that a distinguished educator will have developed an innovative and significant method, technique, adaptation of media, philosophical structure, delivery enhancement, or similar achievement that has increased the effectiveness, efficiency, or attractiveness of industrial engineering education.
  • Optional: Describe achievements in administration. Should administration in an academic environment be addressed as part of a nomination, the primary criterion of evaluation is achievement through education administration. The award should recognize departmental programs with outstanding records in undergraduate or graduate teaching, research and publication, extension, and teaching or learning innovation.


  • Not more than one award is conferred annually.
  • Nomination must be based on teaching excellence, research accomplishment and publication, continuing education or development of off-campus courses, and documented innovative education technique.
  • Recipients of this award are usually associate professors or professors, with a substantial portion of their career spent in academia.

Nomination process

  • Complete and return the nomination form.
  • Three letters of recommendation should be limited to a maximum of two pages each.
  • The nomination form, the nominator's letter and CV package should be limited to 12 pages.
  • The entire nomination packet should be no more than 18 pages total.