IISE award for international impact in industrial & systems engineering

Sponsored by Hamid R. Parsaei & Waldemar Karwowski

This award recognizes a member who has made significant contributions to the discipline of Industrial & Systems Engineering as a global leader. Nominees can be from industry, government or academia and must have distinguished themselves by their contributions worldwide with the primary mission of promoting the discipline.  


Nominees must have resided outside the United States for at least the past 10 years. They must be a member of a recognized partner society of IISE International. The nominee must also be an IISE member in good standing at the time of nomination.  


  • Only one award will be presented annually.
  • Nominees will be judged based on their extended and distinguished contributions to the development and advancement of the industrial and systems engineering discipline outside the United States and the advancement of global and human development through the use of industrial and systems engineering principles and methods. This could include:
    • Leadership in recognized partner society of IISE International
    • Education and training of industrial engineers with impactful careers
    • Sustained (>10 years) success as a practicing industrial engineer or a consultant

    Nomination Documentation

    • Nomination Form
    • A nomination letter, not exceeding two pages, should highlight the nominees’ global impact in the profession and discipline of Industrial & Systems Engineering. The nominator should be a member of IISE or an IISE partner society
    • Three letters of recommendation/endorsement, each not exceeding two pages, from colleagues familiar with the nominee’s career achievements and the significance of their contributions
    • An abbreviated resume, not exceeding eight (8) pages, describing the candidate’s notable accomplishments  

    Submission of Nomination Packages

    • The nomination package must be electronically transmitted to the attention of the Chair of the IISE Awards and Recognitions Committee at honors@iise.org by December 1.  

    This award will be presented at the annual IISE conference. The award carries a $1,000 honorarium and a plaque that recognizes the award recipient and includes sponsors’ names.