IISE Offers Sponsored Webinars

Build brand awareness and reach new customers by sponsoring an IISE webinar!

IISE offers two branded webinars as part of our valuable professional training and educational programs: Global Performance Excellence Webinars and Society & Division Webinars.

  • Global Performance Excellence Webinars, directed specifically at industry members and customers, feature thought leaders from the pinnacle of business who have experienced and solved the big problems of the day.
  • Society & Division Webinars are hosted by members of IISE’s 12 Divisions or 3 Societies, often delving deeply into the specific niches many engineers work in: logistics/supply chain, health systems, ergonomics, artificial intelligence, big data, Lean, Six Sigma and more.

Sponsoring an IISE webinar allows you to generate sales leads and increase company visibility with an industry expert and trusted partner.

IISE-moderated webinars benefit both you as a marketer and your audience who are seeking information about suppliers, products and services.

Sponsorship benefits

  • Targeted yet global audience reach
  • Sponsor logo on title, registration & confirmation pages
  • Up to (2) PowerPoint slides and mention by moderator
  • Logo on webinar e-marketing to IISE members and customers
  • Recording and archiving services (available for viewing after the event)

Sponsor an IISE webinar: Starting at $2,500*

Contact: advertising@iise.org

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