The New World of Digital Marketing

Retargeting = Intelligent, Analytical Digital Marketing

Retargeting tracks visitors of our sites, displaying your digital ads to them as they scroll across the Internet – from social media to news to sports sites to and millions more.

Guaranteed Reach

Retargeting allows you to reach our audience wherever they are on the Internet, keeping your brand front and center, underscoring the value of good branding and repeated exposure.


Quantifiable ROI

Ad Sizes & Specs

Detailed analytics & reporting allow you to see your ad campaign results in real-time, including number of times your ad has been seen, number of clicks on your ad, and the geographical locations of where your ad has reached.

Unimaginable Segmentation

Select a portion of our website for an even more targeted approach – those who visit training sites, ergonomics pages, publications pages, conference pages – the possibilities are endless.

400,000 3 months $9,000
200,000 3 months $6,000
90,000 3 months $3,000

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