manufacturing and design division (M&D) outstanding teaching award

This award recognizes Manufacturing and Design Division members for their outstanding teaching work that includes the development of curriculum and dissemination of courses in manufacturing and/or design.

Application Process

  • Candidates must be members of IISE and the Manufacturing and Design Division at the time of nomination.
  • The course related to this recognition must be a manufacturing and/or design course from an engineering program.
  • Candidate must have developed at least 30% of the course materials and taught the course at least three times.
  • Candidates should be nominated by a faculty member at their institution.
  • Nominations are due by Feb. 28 at 5 p.m. Eastern time. Email the nomination application materials in one (1) PDF file to OT Award Committee Chair,  Wenmeng Tian.
  • The nomination will include the following information.
    • Candidate Information:
      • Name
      • Affiliation
      • Position
      • Address  
      • Phone
      • Email
      • Title of the course and university code
    • Nominator Information:
      • Name
      • Affiliation
      • Position
      • Address
      • Phone
      • Email
  • Attachments:
    • Candidate’s Personal Statement highlighting the teaching philosophy along with the accomplishments and impact guided by selection criteria (max. 2 pages).
    • Curriculum vita (max. 10 pages).
    • Course syllabus and supporting items such as samples of different instructional materials used to show evidence of teaching effectiveness.
    • Most recent course description in the institution’s course catalog with citation to the course catalog.  This may be a hyperlink to the course description, or a pdf that includes the catalog cover page & the page(s) containing the course description.
    • Four letters of recommendation (each limited to two pages). This includes the nominator’s letter.
    • The nominator’s letter highlighting accomplishments and impact related to the development and dissemination of the course.
    • One letter from a faculty member in the same department.
    • Two letters from students who enrolled in and completed the course.

Evaluation Process

High impact as evidenced by four or more of the following criteria:

  • Use of innovative approaches to develop and disseminate manufacturing or design course content.
  • Promote applied learning through the development of original hands-on experiences (projects, laboratories, games, etc.) as an integrated part of the course.
  • Value of the course content to the department, faculty, and students as shown in the letters of recommendation.
  • Enhance the development of leadership, teamwork and presentation skills while solving manufacturing or design problems.
  • Relevance of the course content to the real world or opportunities to interact with practitioners.
  • Exposure of students to current trends and research in the course topics.
  • Broader impacts on manufacturing or design teaching through papers, presentations, or panel discussions.
  • Outreach activities to expose the course topics to the community and to help recruit students (presentations at schools, laboratory tours at the university, summer camps, etcetera).

An award committee chaired by an appointed member of the M&D board will review all applications following the division’s award evaluation protocols. The award recipient will be notified by the committee chair (an M&D board officer) by e-mail no later than April 1.

Wenmeng Tian.

Registration for the IISE Annual Conference & Expo is required for 2023.

2022 Winner

Lourdes Medina
University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

2021 Winner

Abishek Balsamy Kamaraj
Kettering University