Author Guidelines for Industrial Management 

Industrial Management welcomes feature articles that focus on current management issues, developments, challenges, problems, and solutions. The material should offer significant insight or assistance to readers, who are executives, department heads, operating managers, industrial engineers, and those aspiring to management positions.

Articles based on experience and hands-on operating situations and those that illustrate valuable applications in a working environment will be favored. Highly theoretical and statistical articles are discouraged. Articles should be clearly written and readily understandable, though authors may assume that readers have knowledge of industrial engineering concepts and have management experience.

Sample topic areas include:

Change Management
Concurrent Engineering
Continuous Improvement
Costing and Cost Control
Cycle Time Reduction
Ergonomics and Human Factors
Environmental Management
Facilities Management
Forecasting, Planning, and Scheduling
Human Resource Issues
Incentive Programs


Inventory Management
Labor Relations
Lean Manufacturing
Logistics Management
Maintenance Management
Management of Technology
Manufacturing Strategies
Materials Management
Organizational Behavior & Change
Performance Measurement
Product Development
Production Control


Return on Investment
Six Sigma
Statistical Process Control
Strategic Planning
Supply Chain Management
Systems Integration
Technology Transfer
Theory of Constraints
World Class Strategies


Articles submitted to Industrial Management should be offered on an exclusive basis and limited to 3,500 words. Articles will be edited for publication, and all editorial changes will be made solely at the discretion of the editor. Members of the editorial staff may contact authors for clarifications of fact or intent. The editor makes the final decision about whether to accept or reject an article.

IISE publishes several periodicals. If the editor determines that your submission is more appropriate for another of our periodicals, your article may be published in a periodical other than Industrial Management. Under these circumstances, the editor will attempt to obtain your permission before publication, though this is not always possible. Authors are encouraged to include supporting illustrations (graphs, charts, tables, and photographs) with articles.

Article Checklist

  1. Include a suggested title for the article. You may give alternate titles as well.
  2. Include a brief overview of the article. Summarize your article in two or three clear sentences.
  3. Bulleted and numbered items or lists are acceptable, but excessive use is discouraged.
  4. Do not include literature references within the body of the work. Do not include footnotes or endnotes. Vital material or appropriate references should be incorporated into the narrative of the article itself. For example: "In his book Good to Great, author Jim Collins develops the hedgehog theory of corporate mission."
  5. Include a one-paragraph biography of each author. Include professional title, place of business and its location, areas of professional specialty, educational degrees and related professional information such as books published or previous positions of employment.

Materials Checklist

Please include:

  1. An electronic file of your article as a Microsoft Word document e-mail attachment.
  2. Relevant charts, graphs, illustrations, and photographs. Photos should be submitted as high-resolution JPG images of at least 300 PPI at actual size. Other artwork such as illustrations, charts, and graphs may also be submitted electronically. All electronic images should be saved in separate files from the text of the article.
  3. Identification and caption material for all figures, illustrations, and photos.
  4. For each article we publish, we must have a signed copyright release form on file. One will be sent to you upon receipt of your article. IISE holds the copyright of all published articles. After publication, you may choose to obtain customized reprints or permission to use the article elsewhere.
  5. The editor will request an author photo upon acceptance of the article.

E-mail submissions to Keith Albertson.