IISE Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Division Teaching Award

This award is to recognize excellence in teaching Modeling & Simulation (M&S) courses. The objectives of the award are to show appreciation to the faculty members of Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), who are outstanding in teaching M&S courses and encourage instructors, via recognition possibility, to raise the standards in teaching and disseminating M&S concepts in engineering or related programs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be a member of IISE.
  • The course for which he/she is being recognized must be an undergraduate/graduate course in modeling and/or simulation within an engineering or similar programs.
  • The candidate should have been preparing and teaching the course materials for at least three years.

Application Process:

The candidate can be nominated by a faculty or a student who has taken the course from the candidate. The following documents will be asked for nomination:

  • Three letters of support; a letter of support from the nominator and two other individuals. At least one of the three letters must be from a faculty member and one from a student member.
  • Course syllabus and supporting items such as samples of different instructional materials used in teaching the course for which the candidate is being recognized.
  • Summary copies of teaching evaluations (at least three) for the course he/she is being recognized.
  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate.
  • A one-page teaching statement and philosophy by the individual being nominated.

Evaluation Criteria

In selecting the recipient of the award, the following criteria will be considered by the members of the award committee:

  • Leadership: Solid demonstration of leading excellence in teaching M&S concepts (this criterion will consider educational publications, including textbooks, of a candidate on M&S.
  • Design and Content Quality: The appropriateness/relevance of the course content to educating the target audience on up-to-date M&S concepts (this criterion will consider whether the candidate include recent M&S concepts in his/her syllabus).
  • Applied Learning: The development and use of materials/case studies/scenarios/projects to motivate students in the M&S concepts and empower students to apply/implement the M&S concepts throughout the course (this criterion will consider the design of assignments, course projects, invited talks (if any), and the case studies covered in the course).
  • Innovation: Use of innovative approaches to teach the principles and practices of M&S.
  • Student Satisfaction: Demonstration of the value of teaching M&S concepts to the department (program), students, and community (this criterion will consider the course evaluations and statements from students about the course).

Nominations are due by midnight CST Feb. 11, 2023. All of the application documents must be emailed as a single PDF file/a single compressed file to Katie Prochaska. The winner will be notified by March 15, 2023 at the latest.

2022 Winner

David Claudio
University of Massachusetts Lowell

2021 Winner

Renata Konrad
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Past Winners

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