Transforming the Practice of Medicine

Presenter: Ryan Uitti, M.D., professor and consultant, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Practicing medicine has evolved from an art involving a single practitioner and patient to an art and science involving teams treating many patients at expenses that consume large proportions of the nation’s economy. Medical expertise and experience is gained and shared in multiple ways – ranging from anecdotal recollections over a lifetime of an individual practitioner’s practice to publication of randomized, controlled clinical trials – none of which completely reflect realistic expectations for most actual patients. Quality measurements that are collected often reflect adherence to proposed ideal processes or arbitrary data measurements thought to represent surrogates for high quality. Costs associated with the practice of medicine are typically unknown to both the providers and recipients of care, while charges for care vary dramatically depending upon payer.

The presentation will describe methods that are achievable for leveraging technology, teams, and scientific method to improve patient-centered outcomes, while continuing to honor the art of medicine in a manner that is sustainable for those providing care and affordable for those receiving this care.

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