IISE Innovative Design Competition

The Challenge

Showcase your creativity in ISE design by working as a team to develop the conceptual design for a new product to meet an unmet need in the global marketplace. Create a five-minute concept pitch to be presented in front of a live audience and a judging panel of industry professionals. The pitch should present the concept design, describe the target market and demonstrate why the concept will be profitable (including how the concept design improves over existing designs and your team's plan for marketing the product). The specific theme of the design will be announced at the 2018 IISE Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fla.


Must be a graduate or undergraduate student member of IISE and attend the IISE Annual Conference & Expo May 19-22 in Orlando, Fla. Teams will be assigned at the conference and the design work and presentations will occur during timed sessions at the conference. Each team member must be present during the team working session and at least one team member must be present during the presentation.

Judging Criteria

There are five total judging criteria which will be equally weighted in determining a winner:

  • Innovation – the extent to which the proposed idea is novel, i.e., different from other existing technology.
  • Market – the extent to which the team convincingly demonstrates a profitable market for the proposed idea.
  • Competitive Advantage – the extent to which the team demonstrates that its design has significant advantages over the most similar, existing technology, or, if no similar competitors exist, the extent to which the team demonstrates a sound plan to enter the market (market its product).
  • Presentation Quality – the extent to which the audio and visual quality of the team's presentation contribute to a convincing pitch.
  • Response to Questions – the team's ability to reply clearly, concisely, and convincingly to judge's questions.

2017 Winners

First Place:
Bohan Gao, Harvey Mudd College
Taner Telci, University of Florida
George Gerges, University of Texas-Arlington
Collen Ferlotti, Virginia Atec
Daniel Castillo-Gomez, Universidad de los Andes
Ashkan Mirzaee, University of Missouri-Columbia

Second Place:
Nicole Niemer, North Carolina State University
Hannah Sligar, University of Texas-Arlington
Claudia Desimone, Virginia Tech
Daniel Baller, Georgia Institute of Technology
Summer Provance, University of Florida

Third Place:
Matthew Parker. North Carolina State University
Katrina Pelkey, Virginia Tech
Shivam Zaver, ASU Applied Science University
Nancedalia Duarte, Lamar University
Victoria Portier, University of Pittsburgh
Noah Bezaire, University of Waterloo

2016 Winners

First Place:
Sarah Van Valkenburgh, University of Florida
Joshua Connelly, Auburn University
Johnson Kan, University of Waterloo

Second Place:
Adam Harrison, West Virginia University
Joey Newfeld, University of Miami
Lexi Scott, Texas A&M University

Third Place:
Health Connect
Jannah Abdallah, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Evan McIntyre, West Virginia University